BBF Kid-Friendly Webisode 2: Tasty Tomato Basil English Muffin Pizza

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Chef Scott Liebfried has created another kid-friendly recipe using Bumble Bee tuna. This recipe uses simple ingredients such as English muffins, cheese, basil, and tomato sauce. It also uses the Bumble Bee Foods sun dried tomato and basil tuna.

You might to try this healthier version when making pizza. I’m thinking this would make a nice lunch or easy weeknight dinner idea.


Disclaimer: I am a member of the Bumble Bee Foods Bee Squad.


Bumble Bee Foods Bee Squad Party

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For the second year, I am a member of the Bumble Bee Foods Bee Squad.   Bumble Bee Foods sent their Bee Squad bloggers to Blogher again this year.  The conference was in San Diego, CA and never before had I been to California or anywhere even near it.  Bumble Bee was excited that the conference was in their neck of the woods and they took us to some of their favorite places.

After we arrived in San Diego on Thursday Bumble Bee hosted a private party at Mr. A’s Restaurant.  The party was outside on the patio overlooking the city.  The view was absolutely beautiful.  We were fortunate to begin the party while it was still daylight and stay until dark.

Hardly any of us sat down during the party. The view was just too gorgeous to ignore. We all stood around and continued to look out. We saw several planes land while we were there which was a bit scary. It looked like the planes were going to crash into a building or land in the water.

One of the highlights of Blogher is seeing blogging friends. I met Elizabeth from Table 4 Five back in 2008 at the first Pampers Mommy Blogger event. We sat up on the very tall bench at Pampers and I sang “I’m a big kid look what I can do . . .”. She declared me cute and we have been friends since.  🙂

Chef Scott Leibfried continues to be the chef for Bumble Bee Foods. Last year during the Blogher party Chef Scott made some quick and yummy foods using Bumble Bee products. This year he hung out with us and talked. He is very nice and easy to talk to. Chef Scott is known for his appearances on Hell’s Kitchen, the Food Network Challenge, and Kitchen Nightmares.

I was also thrilled to meet up with Lori again from The Bargain Shopper Lady.  We got to spend lots of time together this year and she is definitely a kindred spirit.  You can see a picture of the two of us and the entire Bee Squad at her site.

As you can see, the city is beautiful during the day and night. It is also very obvious that I am in need of a new camera.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I’ll try to post more from Blogher later this week.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Bumble Bee Foods Bee Squad. The opinions are my own.


Bumble Bee Foods Webisode 1: Looney Lemon Pepper Burrito

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Last year Chef Scott Liebfried demonstrated how to make some recipes that he created for Bumble Bee Foods.  This year he is showing some kid-friendly recipes.  I’m sure we could all use some healthier kid-friendly recipes in our homes. This if the first webisode in the series.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Bumble Bee Bee Squad.


Giveaway from Bumble Bee Foods

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****This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to Linette G. and to Karen A.****

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway.  Bumble Bee Foods asked me to be on their Bee Squad again this year so I have the privilege of offering some Bumble Bee products to two winners.

The Giveaway:  Two winners will receive a prize package from Bumble Bee Foods.

  • Bumble Bee apron
  • Bumble Bee pen
  • 2 Bumble Bee recipe cards
  • Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Tonno in Olive Oil
  • Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Solid White Albacore in Water
  • Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Atlantic Salmon
  • Bumble Bee Sensations Sundried Tomato & Basil
  • Bumble Bee Sensations Lemon & Cracked Pepper
  • Bumble Bee Sensations Spicy Thai Chili
  • Bumble Bee Premium Albacore in Water Pouch
  • Bumble Bee Premium Wild Pink Salmon Pouch

Required Entry:  Leave a comment telling me something about tuna, fish, crab meat, etc.  You can tell me your favorite recipe, leave a link to your favorite recipe, tell me why you like Bumble Bee, etc.  I just prefer something more interesting than “enter me”.

Extra Entries:  These are not required but you can earn an extra entry for following me on twitter, liking me on facebook, liking Bumble Bee Foods on facebook, tweeting about the giveaway (use the retweet button on this post), linking to it on your facebook, or promoting the giveaway in some way.  You can tweet about the giveaway each day and earn an entry for each tweet. Please leave the link to your status update.

*Please leave a comment for each thing that you do.  It is easier to count comments and pick random winners.*

This contest will end Sunday, July 24, 2011.  The winners will be randomly chosen and contacted via email.  Winners will have 48 hours to respond.  This giveaway is available to those with a U.S. shipping address only.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Bee Squad.


Bumble Bee Webisodes and Kid-Friendly Recipes

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I am a member of the Bumble Bee Bee Squad again this year.  Bumble Bee is working with Chef Scott Lebfried again and this time they are working on kid-friendly recipes.  I’m sure we could all use more kid-friendly recipes in our homes.

As you know, I have had a series of events happen this year so I am a bit behind on my blogging.  Stay tuned for more posts about kid-friendly recipes from Bumble Bee.


Printable Coupon: $1 off Bumble Bee Tuna

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Like Bumble Bee Foods on facebook and you can print a $1 coupon for the Bumble Bee Sensations Seasons Tuna Medley.  Hurry.  They’re limiting the offer to 250 coupons.  Just click on the “coupons” tab on the left side. I just got my coupon.

They’ll be posting more coupons each month so stay tuned!


BeeWell for Life: Free Resources for a Healthy Life

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Bumble Bee Foods has introduced BeeWell for Life, a site that provides resources and tools to help consumers achieve a healthy lifestyle and make a difference in the lives of those touched by breast cancer.

BeeWell for Life features blogs written by Coach Jenny Hadfield as well as nutritionists Willow Jarosh and Stephanie Clark. Online tools are available to measure energy balance. Members can access and manage the impact of their daily activities to make the most of their healthy lifestyle.

My favorite part of the BeeWell for Life website is that we can make a difference in others’ lives. For every mile members walk, run, or bike, Bumble Bee donates $.15/mile to Breast Cancer Network of Strength. Up to $200,000 will be donated. Every mile makes a difference. This is going until October 31, 2010 so hurry and become a free member so that you can make an impact!

Bumble Bee has also made healthy living a bit easier for those of us on the go.  You cand download the mobile app and track your miles from your mobile device.

I am member of the Bumble Bee Foods Bee Squad.  I also attended the Bumble Bee Foods BlogHer Party, but I am not obligated to write about their products.


Sundried Tomato and Basil Baked Pasta

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Chef Scott Liebfried has just completed his tenth recipe video for Bumble Bee Foods.  This recipe is for sundried tomato and basil baked pasta and it sounds delicious.  I hope you enjoy it!

In case you’re interested, you can check out the Bumble Bee Foods party from BlogHer.


Bumble Bee Foods BlogHer Party

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As I have mentioned before, I am a representative for Bumble Bee Foods.  This year for BlogHer, Bumble Bee Foods threw a party for other bloggers.   🙂

Chef Scott Leibfried was at the party to fix up some of his super easy recipes using Bumble Bee products.  At the party, he made three of his recipes.  They were so delicious!

Here are some of the members of the Bee Squad at the party with Chef Scott. It looks as though there is also a party guest in the picture.

Chef Scott is preparing the Asian Tuna Wraps.  These were sooo good!  It reminded me of an old favorite Asian Bistro I used to frequent. 

Here are the Asian Tuna Wraps that Chef Scott made. Sorry for the very poor picture quality.  It was a spur-of-the-moment picture and I did not set my camera correctly.  You can see a better picture by clicking on the actual recipe.

This is Chef Scott and me.  He was very friendly and easy to talk to.  He answered people’s questions and entertained us all with his delicious recipes.

Before leaving the party, I had Chef Scott sign my Lands’ End tote bag that we were given at the party.  In case you are wondering what it says, it’s “Cook Well”.

You can find more recipes at the Bumble Bee Foods website.

Picture 1 is used by permission of Elizabeth at Table 4 Five. All other photos belong to me.
Disclaimer: Bumble Bee Foods sponsored my trip to BlogHer.


Classic Tuna Casserole Recipe

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I have never made tuna casserole before but I have been wanting to.  Thankfully, this time Chef Scott has given us the recipe. 

Note: Bumble Bee is sending me to the Blogher conference this week. I’ll get to meet Chef Scott at the party and taste some of his yummy recipes!  I’ll be sure to update you later on the event.

Enjoy the recipe!


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