October 30, 2010

Wisk Experiment 2: Carbohydrate Stain

There is one stain that I commonly deal with in our home and it is the carbohydrate stain. This includes things such as chocolate milk, ketchup, BBQ sauce, and syrup. Whenever I serve something with ketchup, I always preface the meal with something like, “Please lean over your plate when you eat and don’t get any ketchup on your clothes.” :sigh:

I cannot stand cleaning stains off of clothes and I certainly don’t like ruining good clothes with stains so I am glad that Wisk has given me something new to try.  This time Wisk asked me to try their new Wisk Stain Spectrum Detergent on a carbohydrate stain.

Today was a beautiful fall day so for lunch we grilled hotdogs. I also served potato smiles to the kids. Of course, they like lots of ketchup for their hotdog and potatoes.

Alligator Girl is the messy one in the house. She reminds me of myself at her age. It seemed each time that I ate, I wore something on my clothes. Too bad my mom didn’t have the new Wisk technology.  Because Alligator Girl is the messy one in the house, we painted a big ketchup “M” on her shirt for “Miss Messy”.  She was proud of her title.

 Cuddlebug wanted to help out, so I let him apply the Wisk to half of the stain and rub it in.  We let the Wisk eat away at the stain for about 5 minutes and then rinsed it under warm water.

Taaadaaa!  Seeing is believing.  I admit, I was a little skeptical of what the Wisk could do.  Afterall, I have dealt with plenty of red stains, but I cannot deny these results.  I am pleased with how well the Wisk worked.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the thoughts and opinions are my own.


September 11, 2010

Our Science Experiment with Wisk Stain Spectrum Detergent

A few weeks ago, I shared with you all that Wisk just introduced a new detergent with stain technology.  I’m excited to receive some of the new detergent. 

Wisk asked our family to perform an experiment.  For this experiment, Wisk sent us a grass stain (which is a protein stain), lab coat, beaker, dropper, goggles, and a bottle of Wisk.  My kids were so excited about the experiment and lab coat that we had to take turns with the experiment.  Now my daughter has informed me that she wants to wear the lab coat and be a scientist for Halloween.

This was a simple experiment.  We simply applied some of the Wisk Stain Spectrum Detergent to the grass stain.

Next, we put the stained cloth into a beaker of water and swished it around for a few seconds.

As you can see, within just a few seconds the Wisk took away the grass stain where we put the detergent and then starting eating away at the rest of the stain.

And this has nothing to do with the experiment, but my daughter was giving a weird mad scientist face. I thought it was funny.  🙂

Since Wisk did such a great job, we decided to put the stained cloth back in the water for a few more seconds.  Woweewow!

My daughter has declared Wisk to be the best laundry detergent ever.  She also began to tell me about all of the stains in her clothes that it would remove.  She is our messy one.

Have you tried the new Wisk Stain Spectrum Detergent?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the thoughts and opinions are my own.


September 6, 2010

A Thrifty Home Remedy for Sinus Infections

October 2013:  I have been using this remedy for about six years and have had great results.


It never fails.  Each year I get one or two sinus infections.  They usually come with the onset of allergies from the season changes.

About three years ago I decided to do some research for a natural remedy for sinus infections.  It just seemed ridiculous to me to see the doctor for each infection and to take overly prescribed antibiotics.  Through my online reading, I found out about apple cider vinegar from Earth Clinic.

At the time of the article, there were about 80 people who said the apple cider vinegar worked and only about two people that said it did not work for them.  With such positive feedback, I decided to give the vinegar a try.  If it didn’t work, then I would just be seeing the doctor anyway.

Thankfully, I was able to find apple cider vinegar tablets at the health food store.  At the time, I could not bear the thought of drinking the vinegar.  I took a high dosage of the vinegar tablets and within hours my sinuses were opened and everything was loosened.  (Sorry to be so graphic but I think it’s necessary to tell you how the product worked.)

Since this time, my husband and I have been using apple cider vinegar during each cold and during bad allergy upsets.  As a matter of fact, I have been taking it this past week while I have been sick.

Although I have not read of apple cider vinegar being used for this purpose, I use the liquid form whenever I have been exposed to strep throat.  I gargle with it.  It is believed that apple cider vinegar kills bacteria so I have found it to be effective for that as well.

There is a bunch of information out there on the many health uses for apple cider vinegar.  Perhaps some day we can discuss its uses.

Are there any home remedies that you find effective?

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor and these tips should not in any way be a substitute for a doctor’s care and advice. Use apple cider vinegar at your own risk.


September 5, 2010

The Suze Orman Protection Portfolio

When I was asked to review the Suze Orman Protection Portfolio, I said “yes”, but to be honest, I had no clue of what I would be getting.  I thought I would be getting Suze’s version of being debt free, saving money, and other financial advice. I was already a fan of Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard, so I was interested in hearing what Suze had to say.

Upon receiving the kit, I popped it open and put the cd into my computer.  Suze was on the computer talking to me, telling me I needed to register this and that.  I admit, at first I was annoyed with it.  I wondered why she couldn’t just give us a dvd of something to listen to like the other financial advisors. 

Thankfully, I stuck with it and registered the information because soon I was stunned.  This kit isn’t just some sort of cd with a bunch of lessons on saving money.  This kit helps you prepare for the future.  Suze literally takes the information you enter and she uses it to tell you the documents that you need.  Not only does she tell you the documents you need, but she helps you create them.  Suze is there with you along the way, guiding you, telling you which documents you need and why.  There is also a lawyer giving legal advice on the importance of the documents.

Within just an hour, I had my information entered and was on my way to preparing and printing a power of attorney and other documents.  I truly was amazed at how well thought out this program is and how it is individualized to meet consumers’ needs. 

The Protection Portfolio comes with:

  • Durable Water-Resistant Case
  • Integrated Organizer which includes expandable file folders and checklist
  • Must Have Documents Program which helps to create a will, revocable trust, power of attorney for health care, and a financial power of attorney
  • Insurance Evaluator which evaluates your family’s insurance and gives advice on protection your family
  • and more!

Overall, I was impressed with this kit.  I haven’t had time to finish entering all of the information and printing my documents, but am happy that I am on my way to getting these things done.  Some of you may be more educated on these kind of documents than myself and you may be able to do this on your own without spending the money.  As for myself, I don’t know much about it and so with ignorance comes procrastination.  The Protection Portfolio is taking the headache out of figuring this out myself.  I am a tight-wad, but for $59.16, I think this is a good buy for what this kit includes.

Disclaimer: I received a Suze Orman Protection Portfolio to review.  This is an honest review of the product.


August 29, 2010

Wisk: The Then and Now of Fighting Stains

Do you ever sit around and watch old commercials onYouTube? I do.  I think they’re quite hilarious and honestly, they take me back to my childhood.  Sometimes I show the old commercials to my kids and they get a good giggle from watching.  Of course then, I have to hear the questions like, “Did they have electricity when you were a kid?”.  haha

Here’s an old commercial from Wisk. Wow, does that take me back! The thing back then was ring around the collar. It would have been a terrible thing for a woman’s husband to show up to work with stains on his collar. It would have been a reflection of her ability to keep house.

I know that my mom always kept a bottle of Wisk in our home. We referred to it as “the good stuff”. Many times we would use the other detergents to wash with and then we’d get out the Wisk for the tough stains. We’d apply the detergent directly to the stains and rub it in.

Detergents have come a long way over the years. Check out this new detergent from Wisk. I’m excited to try it.

I think moms today have just as many stain worries as they did back then. Kids will be kids. Children will still get grass and chocolate milk stains on their clothes. Many times I feel badly for getting on to my kids so much. I’m just so worried about ruining another outfit with their stains. Hopefully, the new Wisk with Stain Spectrum Technology can help me to put my worries aside and let my kids have a good time.

What do you think . . . do you think the stains you tackle today are the same as the stains your mom faced?

Disclaimer: This post is being sponsored by Wisk and I am being compensated for this post, but all ideas and opinions are my own.


August 25, 2010

all Oxi-Active Product Review

A few months ago, I attended a party which introduced the new all Oxi-Active laundry detergent.  During this kid-friendly event, we were invited to decorate cupcakes, play, paint grass stains onto shirts, and more.  We were encouraged to get as dirty as possible. 

After we dirtied up some shirts and painted them with grass stains, the ‘all team treated and washed the clothes with the new all Oxi-Active laundry detergent. 

Laundry scientist Mark Granja shows us that the shirts washed in all Oxi-Active came clean.

Mark also did another laundry experiment with two grass-stained cloths.  He took one of the cloths and added only one capful of the all Oxi-Active.  To the other cloth he added FOUR capfuls of another leading detergent.  He swished them around and as you can see, the all one came clean.

all showed us that we should let kids be kids.  Let them run, play, and get dirty.  We can let ‘all take care of the stains.

I decided to give the all Oxi-Active a try myself. I had a few white shirts that were stained with yellow looking stains. I have no clue what my kids spilled on the shirts. And since I didn’t know about the stains, the shirts were put into the dryer. Here is a picture of one of the shirts before being washed in all Oxi-Active.

I put the Aall Oxi-Active directly on the stains and I used a brush to scrub the stains a bit.  I let the detergent sit on the garment for about 20 minutes before washing. 

As you can see, the all Oxi-Active lightened the stains quite a bit.  They are almost completely gone.  Considering that these were yellow stains, which are almost impossible to remove, and that it was dried in the dryer, I was pretty impressed.  I think that one more stain treatment with the Oxi-Active and these stains will be removed.

Have you tried all Oxi-Active?


August 20, 2010

Terro Mosquito Repellent Review & Giveaway

As the wife of a former pest control technician, I can tell you that I have been using Terro for years.  Last year we spent our first summer in the area and were renting a home.  For some reason, we had horrible ants coming into our home.  The ants were into everything and my husband quickly suggested the Terro ant bait. 

Because of these previous experiences with Terro products, I quickly said “yes” when I was asked to try out the new Terro Mosquito Repellent.  I don’t know about you, but mosquitos love me.  They also love my son.  Whenever we go outside, we are quickly annoyed at the mosquitos and most of the time we find ourselves coming back inside for some bug spray. 

At the particular time my husband sprinkled the repellent on our backyard, I was sitting on our patio.  Although the bottle said that it could take up to 3 hours to begin working, I began to see immediate results.  I was only bit one time while I was outside that day and as I said, it had not been 3 hours.  We used the product prior to having a backyard party with our friends and I heard no complaints of anyone getting bit by mosquitos that day.

Overall, I was very pleased with the product.  I liked that it is granules and all natural.  The only disadvantages that I found were the faint garlic smell and I also wished that it covered more area.  It does cover 1000 square feet which is probably an adequate amount for most lawns.  I would definitely consider using this product again, especially if I were having company.

Terro Mosquito Repellent is an easy-to-use granular product made from a blend of natural botanical oils, including citronella. The 100 percent natural granules are safe to use around people and pets and is easily applied in any area where mosquitoes are a nuisance by simply sprinkling over the desired area. The repellent’s effectiveness lasts up to three weeks.  Terro Mosquito Repellent can be used around patios, decks, campsites, pools, and houses, on lawns and in and around flower or garden beds.


The Giveaway

Two winners will receive the Terro Mosquito Repellent.  To enter, simply leave a comment below.  Additional entries can be made by blogging about the giveaway, tweeting it, following @thriftymommy on twitter, following The Thrifty Mommy on facebook, and through other social networking.  Please leave a comment for each thing that you do (as it makes it easier to count the entries) and leave a link to your tweets, etc. 

The two winners will be chosen using random number.  Winners will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.  This contest is sponsored by Terro and is available to those with a U.S. shipping address.  The giveaway ends Saturday, August 28, 2010.

Disclaimer: I received some of the mosquito repellent to try. This is an honest review.


July 12, 2010

Paper Jamz Product Review & $25 Walgreens Giveaway

In my home I have a 5, 7, and 12-year-old.  In addition to this, I frequently have teenagers from church over to my home.  It is a rare thing to find a toy that is suitable for all ages.

When I was told I would be receiving a Paper Jamz guitar to review, even my husband was excited about it.  My kids have argued over this toy and I know that it will also be a hit with the youth from church.

Paper Jamz guitars are available in six different guitar versions and come with no strings which makes them an air guitar. You can jam out by simply touching the paper surface.  They are battery powered, so you don’t have to worry about an electric cord.  My kids can easily take the guitar outside or to their rooms to jam without being too loud.  There is a built-in speaker and volume control.

The guitar has three modes for jamming: 

1.  Perfect play: play perfect guitar to the 3 built-in songs
2. Rhythm: control the guitar rhythm for each song
3. Freestyle play: play it like a real guitar and create your own songs

Paper Jamz also has an amp and drums that can be purchased separately.

Buying tips:  1)  You should know that this guitar requires 3 AAA batteries and they are not included with the guitar.  That is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. As a mom, I know that kids want to play with something as soon as they get it.  So, if you buy one just be sure you have the batteries ready.  2)  Since there are six different guitars with built-in songs, be sure to read the song list on the back of the guitar so you’ll know which songs you’re getting.

Things I really like about this guitar:  1) battery powered (no cords)   2)  volume control   3)  automatic shut-off (doesn’t waste batteries)  4)  freestyle mode   5)  affordable price

Paper Jamz are available at Walgreens for only $24.95.  Your local Walgreens may have these on display for you to try out.  Since this is a giveaway, we’re offering a $25 gift card to Walgreens so that you can get one of these guitars for yourself.  Give it as a birthday or Christmas gift or save it for yourself.

This giveaway is available to those with a U.S. address. Please leave a comment to enter. Additional entries are available by following me on twitter and/or facebook, promoting this giveaway through stumble upon, twitter, or other social media. Please leave a separate comment for each thing that you do, along with a link for any promoting that you have done.  This giveaway ends Wednesday, July 21. The winner will be contacted via email and will have 72 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Thanks and good luck! 🙂

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, but was provided with a guitar to try. We used the guitar for about one month before writing the review.


June 13, 2010

Product Review: Land O’ Frost Deli Shaved Meat

A few months ago, I was at Food Lion and found a great sale on Land O’Frost deli shaved luncheon meat. The luncheon meat was buy 1 get 1 free and also there were $.60 coupons on each pouch. 

Land O’ Frost luncheon meat $2.99
buy 1 get 1 free $1.50 each
$.60 coupon = $.90 each

As you can see, I was really excited about this deal and I bought 8 packs.  I even took a picture so that I could tell you about the deal.  But then . . . I opened the package and here’s what I found.

You can see a close up of the meat in the picture.  I was in a hurry when I bought the meat and I wish I would have read the front:

Smoked – Chopped – Pressed – Cooked

The meat had a funny smell to it like Spam.  How many ways can you say “processed”?  My husband wouldn’t eat the meat.  Unfortunately, I told my aunt about the sale.  She also bought some of it and she said she threw it away.

I bit of info about the product:

Serving Size  10 slices
Calories 80
Total Fat 5 g
Saturated Fat  2g
Trans Fat  0g
Sodium 540 mg
Protein 10g

This is just my opinion of the product. Have you tried the Land O’ Frost deli shaved luncheon meat?


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