February 21, 2016

Avoid This Ad: DOC to PDF

doc to pdf ad

You might see this ad inside of youtube videos or on blog posts. Avoid it!!!! Do not click on it. 

Somehow my dad accidentally clicked on it or downloaded something. We have had quite a time getting rid of this malware.

Just wanted to warn you all about this so that it doesn’t happen to you.

If you have had success permanently getting rid of the DOC to PDF toolbar, please let me know what you did. Thanks!


June 18, 2015

Wordy Wednesday: Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Sorry this is a day late. I meant to post yesterday but got busy doing other things. Saturday we had the privilege of visiting Cape Lookout Lighthouse. This is the first time we were able to go onto the island. The last time we went there signs were posted about the government shutdown. I’m not sure why it’s taken us so long to make it back out there. It’s a nice place to visit and I hope we can spend more time there exploring soon. I can’t imagine what life must have been like on the island in the 1800s. Sounds like a lonely yet beautiful place to be. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

cape lookout watermark


cape lookout 2 watermark

We didn’t see any wild horses while we were at Cape Lookout, but we saw one on Carrot Island on our way back to the Beaufort boat ramp. He was out there by himself feeding at the water’s edge.

wild horse watermark

Have you ever visited Eastern North Carolina?


August 6, 2013

Remembering Chris Campbell Today

It’s hard to believe it has been two years since the helicopter was shot down in Wardak province, Afghanistan killing 31 U.S. troops.  Of the Navy SEALS that were killed 15 were members of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, also known as SEAL Team Six.  A long time family friend Chris Campbell was one of those killed.

chris campbell

Chris’ request was that if anything happened to him in combat, that his family wouldn’t focus on his loss. His wish was that people would focus on wounded troops. Chris requested that 100,000 people donate $1 to Wounded Warriors to help our wounded troops that have given so much for their country. Chris’ family and friends are dedicated to seeing his request fulfilled.

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July 31, 2013

Favorite Reads: July 2013

Here are this month’s favorite reads. Some of them keep appearing each month. You might also want to check our June’s favorite reads.

fruit pizza 1


1.  Easy Do-It-Yourself Luau/Beach Cupcakes

2.  Do-It-Yourself Pacifier Baby Shower Favors

3.  Bugs in My Yogurt?!

4.  30+ Ways to Clean with Vinegar

5.  Wordless Wednesday: Lazy Fat Cat

6.  Dayspring Customer Appreciate Sale (expires today, July 31)

7.  Menu Plan Monday: July 14, 2013

8.  How to Save Money on Laundry

9.  Laundry Tip: How to Keep up with Kids’ Socks

10.  Easy Fruit Pizza Recipe

Which articles are your favorites?


July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Recycling Robot

recycling robot

My kids crack me up sometimes. I never know what they’ll do next.  My son has always had a gift for building things. He creates all sorts of cars, buildings, and things with his Legos. He enjoys using the recycling and making it into something.

Last week when we were visiting family, he took some of their recycling to make himself a robot costume.  I thought it was very creative.


July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Canned Salsa

Last week my dad went to the farmer’s and picked tomatoes. I was fortunate enough to be given 49 tomatoes. I have canned tomatoes, salsa, and spaghetti sauce before but the one that gets eaten the fastest is the salsa.  I decided since I would be going back to work soon that I would first focus on canning salsa.  It’s much easier to come home from work and pop open a can of salsa to use with your dinner than it is to pop open a can of tomatoes and make the salsa to go with your dinner.

canned salsa

One bunch of cilantro, 2-3 onions, 2 jalapenos, and 17 tomatoes (plus the garlic, salt, etc) yielded 7 pints and 1 quart. I haven’t canned in a few years so I am out of practice. It took a few hours to make all of this.  This is going to be delicious though!

Last night while I was canning I had an accident. I put a jar into the water and the water splashed up and burned my face. I jumped back quickly so it could have been much worse.  I am thankful but in pain.  Prayers are appreciated.

Have you ever canned salsa?


July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Lazy Fat Cat

fat cat smidge

This is my cat, Smidge. He is a big, lazy, and sweet cat. No, I don’t need to put him on a diet. It is the type of breed that he is. Isn’t he cute? He makes me smile. 🙂


July 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Osprey at the River

I took this picture last summer at the river. An osprey had built a nest in this old tree that was in the water. I didn’t get too close but the bird’s protective instincts kicked in and it began to circle the nest.  This is just another one of those times when I wish I had a nice camera to capture the details. Still, I think it’s a beautiful shot. I love living in North Carolina!


 Do you have a Wordless Wednesday post? Leave a comment below and I will drop by.

P.S. My WW posts are never wordless.  😉


July 9, 2013

Kroger and Harris Teeter Announce Merger Agreement

You may have heard the news by now — Today Harris Teeter announced that a merger agreement had been made with Kroger.  Kroger was looking to expand in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.  According to the news release from Harris Teeter, Harris Teeter brings to Kroger an exceptional brand and complementary base of 212 stores in attractive southeastern and mid-Atlantic markets and in Washington, D.C. 

Together, Harris Teeter and Kroger will operate 2,631. Harris Teeter will continue to operate its stores as a subsidiary of Kroger. There are no plans to close stores.

What are your thoughts about the merger? A lot of couponers are concerned about the possibility of Harris Teeter’s coupon policy changing. 



July 1, 2013

Top 10 Reads for June 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve shared the top reads.  I get to see the stats each month and it is interesting to see which articles are favorites around here. I have to tell you that, many months I see the same three articles in the top five. I think this is due to Pinterest, Stumble Upon, and other social media networks.

blackberries 1

And here are this month’s top reads:

1.  Easy Do-It-Yourself Luau/Beach Cupcakes

2.  Tomato Casserole

3.  Caramel Macchiato & Vanilla Syrup Recipes

4.  30+ Ways to Clean with Vinegar

5.  Do-It-Yourself Pacifier Baby Shower Favors

6.  How to Decorate Your Home on a Frugal Budget

7.  An Update: Where Have I Been?

8.  Freebies From Redbox

9.  Easy Pasta Salad Recipe

10.  DIY Cars Movie Cake and Blackberry Cobbler Tutorial and Recipe

Which Thrifty Mommy article is your favorite?



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