August 5, 2013

Organizing Dilemma Solved: Medications

We just moved into our house about seven months ago.  It has been a continual process to get everything like we would like for it to be and to find a place for all of our stuff.  Some days it seems like we will never be completely settled. But then comes the satisfaction of seeing little projects completed and watching everything come together.

One of our recent easy projects was hanging up some wire door shelving.  Ok, there was no “we” in this project.  Hubby hung the shelving without my help.  😉  I’m pretty sure we didn’t buy this shelving.  I think it was something that we had in our garage waiting to be used.  If we had purchased it, we might have bought a piece big enough for the entire door.

After my hubby hung the shelving, I wondered what I would use it for.  I could put spices on it, but then again, I like my spices being in the cabinet next to the stove.

I looked around a bit in our cabinets and then decided I would try out our medicines on these shelves.  We have our medicine shoved in a corner cabinet of the kitchen.  It is functional, but I keep looking in that cabinet and trying to figure out how I could better organize it.  I’ve thought about using $1 clear plastic shoeboxes and small plastic bins.  I just couldn’t come up with a solution.  I figured I could put them on these door shelves and if I didn’t like it, I could always move the medicine back in the kitchen cabinet.


Before organizing

Here is the before picture.  As you can see, everything is in one big dark corner cabinet. There are kids’ medicines, some pain meds, and prescriptions.  I couldn’t stand this cabinet.

After organizing

After organizing

And here is the after picture.  I was concerned about the bottles falling through the bigger openings on the sides but that hasn’t been a problem.  I put all of the kids’ medicines on one shelf.  I put more frequently used meds on the bottom – paid meds, prescriptions, antacids, etc and put the less used items on top.

So far I am liking this new organizing system!  I know that everything can’t be done at once.  Finding systems that work and getting settled into a home take time.  I’ll try to be content as we journey through this process.

How do you store your medicines?



June 22, 2012

Reuse & Recycle: Reuse Your Bedding Bags

We all get those thick plastic bags. Our sheets, comforters, pillow shams, and other bedding items come in them.  Some people might throw them in the trash, but I prefer to reuse them.  I especially like to save the ones that have zippers and handles on them.

I have reused bedding bags for all sorts of things including:

  • storing extra hangers
  • packing baby needs for a road trip – baby bottles, spoons, etc
  • organizing toys
  • keeping extra carseat parts together
  • organizing loose items in my car
  • keeping sets of sheets together
  • storing seasonal clothing
  • keeping emergency clothes in the car
  • storing bubbles and bubble toys
  • keeping craft projects separated
  • organizing cards and stickers
  • storing gift bows

These bags are nice because they are see through.  You don’t have to guess what’s inside the bag.  For years I have been using the same large comforter bag for storing gift bows.  Recently, I used two bags to help my daughter organize and store her yarn and looms.  Everything stays together, she can see what she has, the items are kept dust free, and the cats aren’t in danger from eating the yarn.  The organizing and storage possibilities are endless.

What uses do you have for bedding bags?

image (c) Karen Weideman