July 13, 2011

New Target Deals ~ July 12, 2011

We stopped by Target again yesterday.  This time we went to a different location.  We found some different clearance items and I also found a few good coupons to use from the Target website.  Here are some of the deals we found yesterday.

2 splash board blasters reg $9.99, $4.98 clearance
(boogie board with built-in water gun)

24 in flying disk reg $5.99, $2.99 clearance

Crayola Color Explosion reg $19.99, $4.77 clearance
This is would definitely make a good Christmas gift.

Dollar deals – foam ax, card making kit, light up balls, diving rings

girls’ glitter ballet shoes reg $14.99, $3.74 clearance

girls’ jeans reg $10, $2.48 clearance

2 pk Sharpie markers $1.00
-used $1 coupon from Target.com = FREE

Bic pens $1.02
-used $1 coupon from Target.com = .02

Other deals I got that are not pictured:

3 12-count boxes of Poptarts $2.50 sale
-used $1 off coupon from Target.com
-used $2/3 coupon from Kellogg’s = $1.50 each

Up & Up facial scrub $2.10
-used $.75 coupon from Target.com = $1.35

Have you found any deals at Target lately?


July 10, 2011

Toy Clearance at Target

It’s time for the Target toy clearance.  Target usually has their toy clearance in January and July. 

The toy clearance works out great for my family because my kids have July birthdays.  They usually get some money in the mail from relatives and we always head to Target to see what kind of deals we can get. 

We were excited to purchase the toys shown in the picture.  Cuddlebug has been wanting the bug vacuum for weeks.  Each time we went to Walmart he kept saying how much he wanted one for his birthday.  When we shopped at Target I was happy that the bug vacuum he had been wanting was 50% off.  He got the vacuum, tool set, and binoculars for about the same price he would have paid for the vacuum. 

Many toys are 30-50% off.  I also saw a few items of patio furniture for 70% off.  I’m sure if you wait a few weeks they will begin to clearance out the pool supplies.  Last year we stocked up on pool stuff while it was 75% off.

Happy saving!


January 9, 2011

Today’s Target Deals ~ January 9, 2011

I haven’t been to Target in a long time and today I was itching to go.  I know this is the time of year when they clearance out some of their excess toys that are left from Christmas.  Here’s some of the great deals I found.

Paperoni 1200 piece set with carrycase ($14.99) $3.74
Paperoni Puppy ($5.04) $2.52
Paperoni Butterfly ($5.04) $2.52
These will be for Alligator Girl’s birthday. She really likes to do arts and crafts.

Ghirardelli peppermint bark ($9.99) $.99
Their Christmas stuff was 90% off but there was very little left. This was the last one left and I think it was probably found on the shelves. Lucky me.

BFC ink hair stylin’ stand with hair accessories ($14.99) $7.48
Alligator Girl got one of these dolls for Christmas. This will be a birthday gift for her.

Playskool firemen figurines ($9.99) $2.48
Cuddlebug really enjoys his Rescue Heroes and I know he’ll like these too.

Shawn White longsleeve t-shirt ($9.99) $1.98
2 hand towels ($2.49) $1.24
stainless steel heart necklace ($10) $5
Merona women’s clog ($24.99) $12.50
Christmas bracelet ($6.99) $.69
hanging silver snowflake ($2.00) $.20


Embark 3-piece luggage set ($39.99) $9.99

Snowglobe ($15.00) $1.50

Kikkoman $1.42-$1 printable = $.42

Bisquick $2.59 – $.50 Target printable – $.50 manufacturer’s coupon = $1.59
Target allows you to combine a Target coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon.  You can also get a coupon by liking Bisquick on facebook.

Quaker Oats $1.92 – $1 Target printable = $.92
I was disappointed that I couldn’t find a manufacturer’s coupon to go with the printable.

These are my deals from today. I’m pretty pleased with my bargains.

Have you found any good deals lately?


July 25, 2010

Target Deals 7/24/10

Sometimes you can go into Target and not find a thing and other times it’s like you hit the jackpot.  Yesterday was one of those jackpot-type days.   My two youngest children had birthdays this month.  Some relatives gave them money and gift cards for their birthday.

We had been talking for weeks about not just buying something to be buying it and spending our money wisely on things we wanted and would play with.  I think we did pretty well.  They both proved to be frugal shoppers.

Here are some of the things we purchased:

  • No-Spill Big Bubble Bucket reg $9.99, $4.98
  • Gazillion Bubbles 64 oz. reg $9.99, $4.98
  • Jump Master reg $3.99, $1.98
  • Toy Story 3 marker by numbers reg $4.99, $2.48
  • Hello Kitty sparkly flip flops reg $7.99, $3.98
  • Kai-lan bathtime dragon boat set reg $14.99, $3.74
  • Twin barrel water blaster water gun reg $20.09, $5.02
  • 2 rakes reg $1.99, $.98
  • Xhilaration brown shoes reg $16.99, $4.24

  • Green t-shirt reg $4.99, $1.24
  • Americana t-shirt reg $4.99, $1.24
  • 2 pc Tankini (w/50 SPF) reg $12.99, $6.48
  • Merona purse reg $10, $2.50
  • Card Making Kit $1.00 (Dollar Section)
  • 2 Composition notebooks $.25 each
  • 10 packs of Crayola crayons $.25 each
  • Chuck Norris t-shirt (for hubby) reg $7.99, $3.98

I bought all of the Crayons for school, our bag for church, and the shoeboxes we do for Samaritan’s Purse each year.

  • 3 Mega Blocks Halo Wars sets reg $19.99, $4.98 each

Since these were such a great deal, I bought three of these for Christmas gifts.  If we don’t use them, then I can donate them to the toy drive.

Have you found any deals at Target lately?


April 19, 2010

High Value Coupons for Target

Each week, Target.com has coupons that you can print to use in the stores. Sometimes they also provide coupon codes to use online.  There are over $180 in coupons this week.  You can print two of each coupon.  Some of my favorites are:

  • $5 off Merona handbags
  • $3 off Good Start formula
  • $2 off Johnson’s baby daily face formula lotion with SPF
  • $2 off Merona women’s top
  • $3 off Merona men’s apparel
  • $2 off Merona’s women’s hosiery
  • $5 off ClosetMaid

You may be able to find some great deals when you use the clothing coupons with a clearanced item.  Target will also combine a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon. Beware of the Target coupon policy. You may want to print their store coupon policy and put it in your coupon pouch. Better yet, you may want to print an extra copy for the store managers since they don’t seem to have one. (Sorry. Just couldn’t help myself.) 

image (c) Karen Weideman