July 15, 2011

Giveaway from Bumble Bee Foods

****This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to Linette G. and to Karen A.****

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway.  Bumble Bee Foods asked me to be on their Bee Squad again this year so I have the privilege of offering some Bumble Bee products to two winners.

The Giveaway:  Two winners will receive a prize package from Bumble Bee Foods.

  • Bumble Bee apron
  • Bumble Bee pen
  • 2 Bumble Bee recipe cards
  • Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Tonno in Olive Oil
  • Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Solid White Albacore in Water
  • Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Atlantic Salmon
  • Bumble Bee Sensations Sundried Tomato & Basil
  • Bumble Bee Sensations Lemon & Cracked Pepper
  • Bumble Bee Sensations Spicy Thai Chili
  • Bumble Bee Premium Albacore in Water Pouch
  • Bumble Bee Premium Wild Pink Salmon Pouch

Required Entry:  Leave a comment telling me something about tuna, fish, crab meat, etc.  You can tell me your favorite recipe, leave a link to your favorite recipe, tell me why you like Bumble Bee, etc.  I just prefer something more interesting than “enter me”.

Extra Entries:  These are not required but you can earn an extra entry for following me on twitter, liking me on facebook, liking Bumble Bee Foods on facebook, tweeting about the giveaway (use the retweet button on this post), linking to it on your facebook, or promoting the giveaway in some way.  You can tweet about the giveaway each day and earn an entry for each tweet. Please leave the link to your status update.

*Please leave a comment for each thing that you do.  It is easier to count comments and pick random winners.*

This contest will end Sunday, July 24, 2011.  The winners will be randomly chosen and contacted via email.  Winners will have 48 hours to respond.  This giveaway is available to those with a U.S. shipping address only.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Bee Squad.


December 16, 2010

Tassimo T20 Brewbot: So Simple, A Five-Year-Old Can Do It

This week, my 5-year-old has been making me espresso and coffee. He’s very excited about his new job and I’m excited that I don’t have a big mess of coffee grounds to clean up from all of the grinding and packing!

Yesterday I came home from work and wanted some espresso. Up to that point, my husband and son were the only ones that had used the machine. My husband wasn’t home and I didn’t feel like reading the instruction booklet so I called him on the phone for some instructions. He told me to just have our son make it and that he would enjoy making coffee for me again.

I called my son down to the kitchen and asked him for some espresso. He popped in the creamer disc, pushed the top down, and within seconds the froth appeared in my cup. Then he lifted the lid, took out the milk creamer disk, popped in the espresso disc, pushed down the lid, and out came the espresso. I was truly amazed at how easy it was and I admit I felt a little silly. 

So far, I have tried the Starbucks and Jacobs espresso. My husband and I thought the Starbucks espresso had a much better taste. To us, the Jacobs espresso tasted weak and the Starbucks tasted more like espresso from a coffee shop. Thankfully, the Tassimo discs are available in many flavors and brands for individual tastes.

The New Tassimo T20 Brewbot by Bosch

  • Makes coffee, tea, cappuccino, latte, crema, espresso and hot cocoa
  • Makes drinks in about 1 minute
  • Includes an exclusive flow-through water heater for faster, quieter brewing
  • Space-saving design is ideal for apartments, dorm rooms, and countertops 
  • Colored inserts are available to color coordinate the machine to your other appliances
  • Smart bar code technology allows the brewer to adjust each beverage with the proper temperature, pressure, and amount of water
  • Brewer dimensions: Length: 11.0 “; Width: 7.9 “; Depth: 11.8 ” 
  • 1.5 Liter water tank 
  • $129.99
  • www.brewbot.com

SPECIAL OFFER:Purchase a Tassimo T20 Brewbot online here and save $25 and get 2 free T DISCS!
Also available at many fine retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Target, and more (but the special offer is online at the above link only).

My personal thoughts:  I really like this machine.  I admit that I have not used other pod type machines so I don’t have other experiences to compare it with.  I think this would be great for people that want a quality drink that is easy to prepare without having to pay a barista.  This would definitely save a lot of time and money for those that make that daily trip to the coffee shop.  I was very pleased with the taste of my Starbucks latte.  In my opinion, the discs are a little pricey for my frugal budget but since we have enjoyed the machine, my husband and I have been looking online for lower priced discs.  I would be happy to review and critique different brands of discs. lol  I wish I would have thought to request a particular color of machine.  Although the white machine is nice, it clashes with my black and stainless appliances.  I like that the brewbot has colored inserts that you can purchase to change the look and color of the machine for a more personal look.  Our other espresso/coffee machine has a tank that is not removable and it is a pain to refill so I have found the Brewbot removable tank to be a great feature.  It’s also nice to know that the coffee discs are individually sealed so that you can always experience fresh tasting coffee.  I think it would be nice to use the Brewbot while entertaining.  Friends and family could choose their favorite flavors and they could be prepared very easily.


GIVEAWAY:  We’re giving away one of these machine to a lucky reader. To enter, simply leave a comment telling me about what kind of coffee you like.  Do you like cappuccino, espresso, black coffee?  Just let me know something about your personal preference.

Bonus Entries:  Please leave a comment for EACH one that you complete.  It makes it easier to choose a random winner.

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This contest ends December 19, 2010 is available to those with a U.S. shipping address.  The winner will be contacted via email and will have 24 hours to respond. 

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a Tassimo T20 and some discs for sampling purposes.  The thoughts and opinions are mine.


September 21, 2010

Giveaway: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Grilling Set

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter is the perfect tool for grilling.  It adds fresh butter flavor to your favorite dishes with 0 calories, 0g fat, 0g trans fat per serving.

You might want to try some of these quick and simple ideas to add great flavor to your favorite foods:

· For a savory seafood appetizer, grill clams until they open and arrange in a serving bowl. Generously spray the clams with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Original Spray and sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs. Serve with crusty toasted bread slices topped with Spray.
· For easy seasoned kabobs, just before grilling your favorite chicken, beef, seafood or veggie kabobs, spray with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Original Spray, then sprinkle with garlic powder and your favorite herbs.
· For a delicious buttery flavor, spray I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Original Spray onto hot corn-on-the cob just off the grill and sprinkle with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Spice it up by splashing on a little red or green hot pepper sauce!
· For a super-easy “Blackened” Steak or Chicken, spray I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Original Spray onto steak or boneless, skinless chicken breasts, then sprinkle with chili powder, dried herbs and black pepper and rub into the meat. Grill until the meat reaches desired doneness.

I have been using the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray for over 10 years. A friend of mine introduced me to the spray while we were cooking together on a camping trip. I have been a fan since that time.


Grilling Set Giveaway

One winner will receive a grilling set similar to the one shown above.

The gift set includes:

· Two coupons for a FREE I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! product
· I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Summer Newsletter with great grilling recipes
· I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Grill Basket perfect for grilling veggies, fish or chicken
· Set of Crate & Barrel Corn on the Cob Picks and Dishes
· Smokey Joe Weber Grill
· 3 Piece BBQ Tool Set
· Set of CB2 placemats
· Two Crate & Barrel Melamine Dinnerware place settings

To enter the giveaway:

1)  Leave a comment telling me your favorite recipe from I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter or your favorite grilling tip.

Other optional entries:

2)  Follow @ThriftyMommy on twitter.

3)  Follow @ICBINotButter on twitter.

4)  Follow The Thrifty Mommy on facebook.

5)  Tweet, blog, etc about this contest.  You may tweet three times per day.

Please leave a comment for each thing you did so that it’s easier to choose a random winner.  This contest is available to those with a U.S. mailing address.  The contest ends Sunday, September 26, 2010.  The winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Good luck!

Edited to add prize package details 9/23.

Disclaimer: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! provided me with this grilling package and is supplying an identical kit to the winner.


August 27, 2010

Eucerin Lotion Giveaways & Free Sample

As a person who suffers with eczema, I can tell you I have been using Eucerin for years.  While I was at BlogHer earlier this month, I met up with some of the people from Eucerin.  They have offered us a Eucerin sample, THREE gift bag giveaways, and some other helpful information.  Yay! 

To enter to win one of the Eucerin gift bag giveaways, simply leave a comment below.  Additional entries can be made by blogging about the giveaway, tweeting it , following @thriftymommy on twitter, following The Thrifty Mommy on facebook,  and through other social networking.  Please leave a comment for each thing that you do (as it makes it easier to count the entries) and leave a link to your tweets, etc.  (You can tweet three times per day, if you’d like.)

This contest is being sponsored by Eucerin and it ends Sunday, September 5, 2010.  The winners will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.  The contest is available to those with a U.S. shipping address.

Good luck!


August 20, 2010

Terro Mosquito Repellent Review & Giveaway

As the wife of a former pest control technician, I can tell you that I have been using Terro for years.  Last year we spent our first summer in the area and were renting a home.  For some reason, we had horrible ants coming into our home.  The ants were into everything and my husband quickly suggested the Terro ant bait. 

Because of these previous experiences with Terro products, I quickly said “yes” when I was asked to try out the new Terro Mosquito Repellent.  I don’t know about you, but mosquitos love me.  They also love my son.  Whenever we go outside, we are quickly annoyed at the mosquitos and most of the time we find ourselves coming back inside for some bug spray. 

At the particular time my husband sprinkled the repellent on our backyard, I was sitting on our patio.  Although the bottle said that it could take up to 3 hours to begin working, I began to see immediate results.  I was only bit one time while I was outside that day and as I said, it had not been 3 hours.  We used the product prior to having a backyard party with our friends and I heard no complaints of anyone getting bit by mosquitos that day.

Overall, I was very pleased with the product.  I liked that it is granules and all natural.  The only disadvantages that I found were the faint garlic smell and I also wished that it covered more area.  It does cover 1000 square feet which is probably an adequate amount for most lawns.  I would definitely consider using this product again, especially if I were having company.

Terro Mosquito Repellent is an easy-to-use granular product made from a blend of natural botanical oils, including citronella. The 100 percent natural granules are safe to use around people and pets and is easily applied in any area where mosquitoes are a nuisance by simply sprinkling over the desired area. The repellent’s effectiveness lasts up to three weeks.  Terro Mosquito Repellent can be used around patios, decks, campsites, pools, and houses, on lawns and in and around flower or garden beds.


The Giveaway

Two winners will receive the Terro Mosquito Repellent.  To enter, simply leave a comment below.  Additional entries can be made by blogging about the giveaway, tweeting it, following @thriftymommy on twitter, following The Thrifty Mommy on facebook, and through other social networking.  Please leave a comment for each thing that you do (as it makes it easier to count the entries) and leave a link to your tweets, etc. 

The two winners will be chosen using random number.  Winners will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.  This contest is sponsored by Terro and is available to those with a U.S. shipping address.  The giveaway ends Saturday, August 28, 2010.

Disclaimer: I received some of the mosquito repellent to try. This is an honest review.


July 12, 2010

Paper Jamz Product Review & $25 Walgreens Giveaway

In my home I have a 5, 7, and 12-year-old.  In addition to this, I frequently have teenagers from church over to my home.  It is a rare thing to find a toy that is suitable for all ages.

When I was told I would be receiving a Paper Jamz guitar to review, even my husband was excited about it.  My kids have argued over this toy and I know that it will also be a hit with the youth from church.

Paper Jamz guitars are available in six different guitar versions and come with no strings which makes them an air guitar. You can jam out by simply touching the paper surface.  They are battery powered, so you don’t have to worry about an electric cord.  My kids can easily take the guitar outside or to their rooms to jam without being too loud.  There is a built-in speaker and volume control.

The guitar has three modes for jamming: 

1.  Perfect play: play perfect guitar to the 3 built-in songs
2. Rhythm: control the guitar rhythm for each song
3. Freestyle play: play it like a real guitar and create your own songs

Paper Jamz also has an amp and drums that can be purchased separately.

Buying tips:  1)  You should know that this guitar requires 3 AAA batteries and they are not included with the guitar.  That is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. As a mom, I know that kids want to play with something as soon as they get it.  So, if you buy one just be sure you have the batteries ready.  2)  Since there are six different guitars with built-in songs, be sure to read the song list on the back of the guitar so you’ll know which songs you’re getting.

Things I really like about this guitar:  1) battery powered (no cords)   2)  volume control   3)  automatic shut-off (doesn’t waste batteries)  4)  freestyle mode   5)  affordable price

Paper Jamz are available at Walgreens for only $24.95.  Your local Walgreens may have these on display for you to try out.  Since this is a giveaway, we’re offering a $25 gift card to Walgreens so that you can get one of these guitars for yourself.  Give it as a birthday or Christmas gift or save it for yourself.

This giveaway is available to those with a U.S. address. Please leave a comment to enter. Additional entries are available by following me on twitter and/or facebook, promoting this giveaway through stumble upon, twitter, or other social media. Please leave a separate comment for each thing that you do, along with a link for any promoting that you have done.  This giveaway ends Wednesday, July 21. The winner will be contacted via email and will have 72 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Thanks and good luck! 🙂

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, but was provided with a guitar to try. We used the guitar for about one month before writing the review.