January 21, 2018

Hello — An Update

Hello thrifty friends. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my blog.

I just want to say that I appreciate you all reading my blog and articles over the years. I started out many years ago when there were just a handful of thrifty bloggers. It seems there are frugal bloggers all over the web now. Whether it be by necessity or choice, it’s great that so many people have been influenced to live a thrifty lifestyle and have learned ways to save money.

As you can tell from looking at the blog, there isn’t much new content. My passion is no longer in blogging. I’m a mom and full-time teacher. Kids keep me crazy busy each day. I’m still saving money each day in little ways. I’m not big into couponing like I once was, but I do use apps, coupons, and other ways to save money.

This isn’t goodbye. This is just letting you know that I’ll be around from time to time. I know you’re still reading — the stats say you’re still coming to check out ways to save. If you get a chance, explore around on the site on you’ll find tips and recipes.

If you have any questions please use the contact button above. Thanks for being a part of my life for so many years. I have met some wonderful people.


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