August 3, 2013

Hobby Lobby 90% Off Clearance Sale

If you have a Hobby Lobby, be sure to stop by to see if they have any of their spring and summer clearance items left.  We were in there yesterday to purchase some wreath making materials and found a few deals.

First up is this enormous wall hanging.  I saw the $13 price tag and did a double take.  The original price was $130!  I immediately texted a picture to my cousin to see if she wanted it for her apartment.  The wall hanging measures approximately 5’6″.

hobby lobby summer clearance 1

After I saw this deal, I spent some time rummaging through a bunch of random things. It didn’t look like there was anything worth having, but I managed to find some tattoos for my classroom prize box and also some temporary hair color for this year’s crazy hair day.  I’m sure my son will be happy to boast green hair.  I got the tattoos (36 pk) for 30 cents and the hair color for 80 cents.

hobby lobby summer clearance 2

Happy shopping!


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