April 5, 2013

Product Review: FamilyLife Resurrection Eggs

A few months ago, we purchased a home.  You know how it is to move — you soon find things that you forgot existed.  Each week I am unpacking more boxes and sorting through many years of accumulated possessions.  Many things we don’t need and are put into a “get rid of” pile.  Through all of the sorting and purging I found our Resurrection Eggs.  I hadn’t seen them in a few years and was excited to share these with my children this year.

resurrection eggs

The Resurrection Egg kit comes with 12 plastic eggs that are easily stored in a plastic egg carton.  Eleven of the eggs come with different items to help tell the story of Christ’s life, burial, and resurrection.  The last egg is empty which allows us to explain the resurrection.  (My kids loved this part!)  Also included is a booklet with an explanation of each egg which includes scripture references.

Each box contains:

  • 1 durable plastic egg carton
  • 12 plastic eggs
  • 11 unique objects to illustrate the Easter story
  • 1 bilingual booklet (English and Spanish)

The Resurrection Eggs can be purchased through FamilyLife, Christian Book Distributors, or at your local Christian bookstore.  Although some people have chosen to make their own kits, I find that $12.99 is a great value for the unique pieces and the booklet.

My children enjoyed the Resurrection Eggs and I plan to use these in the future with them.  I have also used this at my church when we had an egg hunt.  If you plan to use it for Sunday School or an egg hunt, I would recommend reading through the booklet first, as it is a bit lengthy and you might need to shorten it.

Have you ever used the Resurrection Eggs kit?

image FamilyLife

Disclaimer:  These views are my own. This is not a sponsored post.


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