February 5, 2013

DIY Cars Movie Cake

Buying a store bought cake is not something that I normally do.  Store bought cakes are so expensive and I find that homemade cakes taste better.  Homemade cakes also offer a personal touch to the event. 

When my children were very young, I was very fortunate that my mom would make their birthday cakes for me.  Here is a Cars Movie cake that my mom made for my son’s third birthday. 

thethriftymommy cars cake 3

My son wanted a Lightning McQueen cake for his birthday. I looked around in the stores and tried to figure out what I was going to do. Then I decided to buy the car figurines from the toy section. At $12 for three cars, I thought it was a bit pricey but it was cheaper than buying a cake and then at least he would have the cars to play with later.

thethriftymommy cars cake 1

First we started with a 9×13 sheet cake we made.  If I remember correctly, we chose chocolate, but any flavor will do.  We iced the cake with homemade white icing.  Since I had a Lightning McQueen car that had mud painted on the side, we thought it would be neat to create a mud scene on the cake with chocolate icing.  We even smeared the icing a little to make it look like Lightning McQueen slid through the mud. 

thethriftymommy cars cake 2

Next, we dyed some of the icing green and used it to pipe grass on the cake. My mom used the rest of the brown icing for the border.

Finally, we placed the other two cars on the cake.  My husband looked online and found a Radiator Springs sign to print.  He taped it to two toothpicks and inserted it into the cake as a sign. 

thethriftymommy cars cake 3

I thought this was a pretty cute cake and it wasn’t hard at all.  I don’t have any cake decorating experience and I feel that I could recreate this cake myself.  Sometimes all it takes is looking around for inspiration to trigger ideas. 

Do you enjoy making your own cakes?

images (c) Karen Weideman


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