June 22, 2012

Reuse & Recycle: Reuse Your Bedding Bags

We all get those thick plastic bags. Our sheets, comforters, pillow shams, and other bedding items come in them.  Some people might throw them in the trash, but I prefer to reuse them.  I especially like to save the ones that have zippers and handles on them.

I have reused bedding bags for all sorts of things including:

  • storing extra hangers
  • packing baby needs for a road trip – baby bottles, spoons, etc
  • organizing toys
  • keeping extra carseat parts together
  • organizing loose items in my car
  • keeping sets of sheets together
  • storing seasonal clothing
  • keeping emergency clothes in the car
  • storing bubbles and bubble toys
  • keeping craft projects separated
  • organizing cards and stickers
  • storing gift bows

These bags are nice because they are see through.  You don’t have to guess what’s inside the bag.  For years I have been using the same large comforter bag for storing gift bows.  Recently, I used two bags to help my daughter organize and store her yarn and looms.  Everything stays together, she can see what she has, the items are kept dust free, and the cats aren’t in danger from eating the yarn.  The organizing and storage possibilities are endless.

What uses do you have for bedding bags?

image (c) Karen Weideman



4 Responses to “Reuse & Recycle: Reuse Your Bedding Bags”
  1. 1
    Katelyn says:

    I was just about to give up and toss two of these bags away when I saw your post. I realized they’d be perfect for organizing photography props around a specific theme, like baby’s first Christmas or what have you, and keeping them nice and clean. Thanks for the tip!

  2. 2
    Elizabeth@Table for Five
    Twitter: Table4Five

    I’ve done that too! The bags don’t always last a long time, but they are perfect for hauling beach toys or storing bubble wands and bottles.

  3. 3
    The Thrifty Mommy
    Twitter: thriftymommy

    They are great and the best part is they are free. 🙂 I just hung up curtains in my daughter’s room this week and now I have two more bags.

  4. 4
    The Thrifty Mommy
    Twitter: thriftymommy

    Katelyn, Glad it was helpful for you. Good luck with your organizing.

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