April 14, 2012

Super Easy Luau Cupcakes

Back in 2010, I showed you the teddy bear luau cupcakes that I made for my children’s pool party.  They were cute, easy to make, and way cheaper than a store bought cake.  The do-it-yourself luau cupcakes have been a top read each month since then so I thought I would show you the ones I made in 2011.

I was a little hesitant to show these because they’re not as cute or creative as the teddy bear luau cupcakes.  I finally gave in to the idea that we’re all in need of different ideas, no matter how easy they are.  Alligator Girl had her first sleepover and since there were just a few girls and no adults I didn’t have the pressure to produce something anything time consuming.  These cupcakes were super fast and went along with the pool party/luau theme.  They also tasted great.



As you can see from looking at the pictures, there are a few different styles of cupcakes. I mostly used pink and orange to decorate with but I also had a can of rainbow chip icing in the cabinet. Most kids like rainbow chip, so I used that too.



I put piping on some of the cupcakes.  I found the paper toppers at the dollar store.  You could probably find some cupcake toppers at an arts and crafts store or party supply store.



As you can see, these are nothing extravacant. They are simple, easy, and cute. They are perfect for a girls’ luau party sleep over.



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