September 16, 2011

In Memory of a Courageous Hero, Chris Campbell

Earlier I posted a story I wrote about Chris. Today is his birthday so I thought I would also share a poem I wrote for his parents.


Just a young boy
Small among your kind
With a mischievous grin
And a love for mankind

Longing for adventure
With an internal drive to succeed
If you set your mind to something
Nothing could stop your need

Always playing sports
You had such energy and talent
Not wanting to attract a crowd
The heart of a daring gallant

The baby of the family
We had that and more unspoken
We were of the same age
Our moms’ friendship was a lasting token

A brave young man now
Filled with courage and drive
You joined the Navy
The most elite, their pride

You served quietly and secretly
We did not ask questions
Your parents could not boast of you
And the Navy’s dangerous missions

I cannot imagine the life you lived
Or the menace you incurred
To set the oppressed ones free
And a safer world for the innocent unheard

It’s time to say goodbye
My mind can’t believe that it is true
You left a courageous hero
Our lives were all changed by you

My heart aches for your family and friends
And especially your daughter
May God’s comfort for us transcend
Despite the pain and sorrow

~Karen Buckhalter Weideman


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