July 23, 2011

Do-It-Yourself Pacifier Baby Shower Favors

I attended a baby shower and they had some really cute pacifier favors and pink confetti spread across the table for decoration. I thought the pacifier favors were so cute (and inexpensive) that I had to share them with you. The candy pacifiers simply consist of two Lifesaver candies and a jelly bean that are held together by frosting or melted chocolate.

You will need:

  • Lifesavers (These are made from peppermint Lifesavers.)
  • royal frosting or melted white chocolate
  • miniature jelly beans (probably Jelly Bellies)
  • ribbon


  1. Unwrap your Lifesavers and set aside.
  2. If you are using chocolate then you will need to melt it.  Follow the instructions on the package for melting the chocolate.  Please note that you should be using chocolate candy that will harden after it dries.  This is the kind that is sold in most craft stores or in the cake decorating section of Walmart.
  3. Put a small dab of chocolate or frosting in the center of some of the Lifesavers.  To make your finished project more attractive you should make sure that the Lifesaver words are facing the handle and that the jelly bean side is plain.  For best results, only work with a few Lifesavers at a time.
  4. Attach the second Lifesaver to the first.  The second Lifesaver should be on its side so that it acts as a pacifier handle.  It will make a “T” shape.  Hold together for a few seconds to allow icing or chocolate to set.
  5. As you complete these steps, set them aside to dry.  After they have dried add the ribbon to the pacifier handle.  The ribbon should be about four inches long.
  6. Add a small dab of frosting to the other side of the lifesaver (the plain side) and attach the jelly bean.  Let these dry or harden.  You may have to hold the jelly bean onto the Lifesaver for a minute until it sets.

You may find that you want to make the pacifier handles first, attach the jelly beans, and then let the whole thing dry before adding the ribbon.  Feel free to modify the instructions to meet your personal preference.

Uses: These candy pacifiers can be spread around the tables for decoration or placed on a cake.  You can put them in a bowl on the tables or spread them around a centerpiece or the base of the cake.  Put them in small candy boxes and send them home with your guests.  You could also have the ribbon personalized with your baby’s name.  There are many uses for them.

Money saving tips: You know that I am all about saving money.  Save your craft store coupons to purchase these items while they are 40-50% off.  Ask your friends for their craft store coupons.  If you know in advance that you will be making these you can watch the weekly sales flyers for sales on these items.  Check the dollar ribbon area of the craft store for ribbon deals.

This post was originally written by me in 2009.  The content has been rewritten and modified to put on my own website.

Image (c) Karen Weideman



One Response to “Do-It-Yourself Pacifier Baby Shower Favors”
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    Brianne says:

    I’ve done these several times for showers – I use the white “chocolate” candy discs you use for melting to make candy for the base of the pacifier, regular size jelly beans and the rolled lifesavers (they’re smaller than the bagged, pre-wrapped ones) and they are super cute!
    They’re always a hit! A little work, but so worth it!

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