July 10, 2011

Toy Clearance at Target

It’s time for the Target toy clearance.  Target usually has their toy clearance in January and July. 

The toy clearance works out great for my family because my kids have July birthdays.  They usually get some money in the mail from relatives and we always head to Target to see what kind of deals we can get. 

We were excited to purchase the toys shown in the picture.  Cuddlebug has been wanting the bug vacuum for weeks.  Each time we went to Walmart he kept saying how much he wanted one for his birthday.  When we shopped at Target I was happy that the bug vacuum he had been wanting was 50% off.  He got the vacuum, tool set, and binoculars for about the same price he would have paid for the vacuum. 

Many toys are 30-50% off.  I also saw a few items of patio furniture for 70% off.  I’m sure if you wait a few weeks they will begin to clearance out the pool supplies.  Last year we stocked up on pool stuff while it was 75% off.

Happy saving!


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