July 10, 2011

Product Review: Next Step Hip Messenger Bag

Both of my children were born in July. This is the time of year when new toys begin arriving at my house. Along with new toys comes product reviews.  It’s important to let other parents know what to expect before they spend their money. 

First up for review is the Next Step Hip Messenger Bag.  This product is sold at Walmart for $10.

My daughter is artistic and creative. She would rather draw and create something than play with toys. This gift was a great choice for her.

The Next Step messenger bag comes with a variety of iron-on designs in themes such as rock, cheerleading, and camouflage. There are also iron-on letters and stars to help you make your bag one of a kind.

Pros: The bag has an assortment of iron-ons. There are over 190 to choose from. You can make your bag unique. At $10, this makes an inexpensive gift idea. My daughter and her friend had a fun time designing how she wanted the bag to look. We designed the front and back of the bag and had some supplies leftover which I kept for other craft projects.

Cons: When I took the messenger bag out of the box I was surprised at how small it was. This bag could not be used for a school bag. It is about 10 x 13 and the material is very thin. I think it would be more suitable for a purse. The iron-on appliques seemed difficult to adhere to the bag. It took longer than the instructions stated and I was careful to be sure the designs were completely attached before removing the film.  The bag came with silver fabric paint that they said you should use to attach the stars to the bag.  I applied a very small amount of the fabric paint to the stars and as you can see in the picture it comes out from behind the stars and leaves silver paint on the bag.  After applying the first star, I wished that I hadn’t used the fabric paint.  To make the paint look more intentional rather than a mistake, I applied enough paint to make a circle and then put the star in the middle of the circle.  If I were able to make this bag again, I would not use the stars.

Other thoughts:  This bag is a cute idea.  My daughter enjoyed making and designing it.  You shoud know that this is not a school bookbag.  It will serve as a cute purse for my daughter.  If you decide to purchase this bag, be sure to check your iron-ons before removing the film and leave your film on all of the designs until you are finished so that you don’t accidentally bump the other appliques with your iron.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. These thoughts and opinions are my own.


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