April 23, 2011

7 Ways to Save Money on Easter with the Kids

Another holiday is coming up this week.  To my family and myself Easter is not about the Easter bunny and how much stuff we can get, but we do like to celebrate and have a good time.  All of the baskets, candy, eggs, and dyes can get expensive very quickly.  Here are some tips to save.

1)  Save your Easter baskets and plastic eggs for next year. I heard someone say the other day that they saved money this year by not purchasing new baskets.  Do people really buy new baskets each year?  Why would you purchase a new basket when you only used it once?  Sometimes I am shocked by the wastefulness of money and extra materials unnecessarily put into our environment.  I wrap our Easter buckets and eggs in a plastic bag and put them in the attic for next year.

2)  Shop now for next year. Of course it’s too late to do this for this week’s Easter, but it’s not too late to start for next year.  I wait until seasonal stuff goes 75-90% off and then I purchase novelty items.  My children are still in the primary grades of school and so each year their teachers ask for things for Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc.  Last year I purchased $10 of sparkly stickers at CVS for $1.  I proudly sent them to school this week with my son for their Easter baskets.

3)  Check out community events. I know in our area some churches and towns are having egg hunts. These are completely free.  Take notice of banners, church signs, and facebook posts from your city or town.

4)  Take advantage of sales and deals. Just this week CVS had some free Easter items after the Extra Care Buck rewards.  Sometimes there are coupons for candy in the Sunday paper.

5)  Avoid egg kits and make your own dye. Mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and 1 cup of hot water, and, then add drops of food color until you are happy with the hue. The directions are on the back of many food coloring packages.  I have also used natural items such as onion skins and cabbage.  Boil the items with vinegar and water to release the natural colors.

6)  Use what you already have. As I already mentioned, I am using the Easter buckets and eggs from last year but this time I am referring to stuffing the plastic eggs.  Last night I stuffed several eggs with stickers and things that we already have here at home.  I also took some money from the coin jar and put quarters in a few of the eggs.  The kids will be glad to get a little spending money.

7)  Consider purchasing a gift instead. In the past I have usually given my children a small gift rather than a basket full of stuffed animals, trinkets, and things they don’t need.  Consider a Bible, dvd, cd, or some other item.  My children get more than enough candy and treats from school and church so I try to get them something more useful.

These are just a few ways to save.  Can you add to the list?

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