April 19, 2011

Fake IRS Emails

It’s tax time and leave it to crooks to find an opportunity to take advantage of people.  I received this email today.  It’s even addressed from notification@irs.gov.

Dear Taxpayer!

You are encouraged to pay a penalty for the failure to file income tax returns prior to January 31, 2011.
Note, IRC [Section 6038(b)(1)]
provides for a monetary penalty of $10,000 for each [Form 5471]
that is filed after the due date of the income tax return or does not include the complete and accurate information described in [Section 6038(a)].

No penalty will be imposed if the company shows that the late filing was due to reasonable cause.

For more information please refer to attached file.

Internal Revenue Service United States Department of the Treasury.

Many times these emails will lure you into clicking on links or opening attachments.  These are ways to get your information or to give your computer a virus.

The IRS website has more information on suspicious emails.


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