April 9, 2011

Today’s Yard Sale Bargains 4/9/11

I’m always interested in a good deal, especially on children’s clothing and toys. Yard sales are the place to find those. As children outgrow their things, parents are ready to make room for the new birthday and Christmas presents.

Each year there is a neighborhood yard sale in my area.  Today the kids and I headed out for some bargain hunting. I’m not mistaken, I purchased this Mongoose bicycle at my first stop. At only $15 this was a great buy. Cuddlebug is pretty happy about it too.

Sorry for the poor quality picture. I know it’s hard to see everything here but there is a lot of stuff. I won’t list everything but here are some of the things I got: 2 dvds, 3 cds, long summer shorts for Alligator Girl, bag of Polly Pocket stuff, backpack, books, scarves, Crocs, toys for my classroom, bags of small toys (that I will use for my classroom prize box), 2 LeapFrog singing phonic sets, toy push cars, and so much more.

Today I spent $49.15.  I got lots of things for my children and for my classroom.

Have you been to any good yard sales lately?


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