March 30, 2011

My Super Double Coupon Savings

The Harris Teeter super double coupon sale just ended yesterday and I am very pleased with my purchases. I was able to stock up on yogurt, frozen foods, cereal, gum, canned vegetables, trash bags, and more. I was able to get some easy meal items to use on busy nights when I am working late or just in need of something simple. These types of items are usually more expensive and so I normally do not purchase them. It was also nice to pick up a few splurge items.

Unfortunately, I was not able to blog about each individual trip but I did post some of my savings throughout the week along with the coupon match-ups for those items. I just finished totaling up my totals for the week. Here’s the summary:

Total spent: $108.89
Total saved $259.50
Percentage saved: 70%

I think I did pretty well, especially since this includes items I got on sale for which I did not have coupons. It was a busy week but I know during the coupon sale weeks that if I put forth the extra efforts it will pay off later with a lower grocery budget. It is also nice to plan our meals using what we have at home and only supplementing with milk, bread, produce, and a few other items.

Did you shop at Harris Teeter during super double coupon week?


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