December 23, 2010

My Personal Christmas Wish List

It is a rare thing that I make a Christmas wish list.  I am not a materialist person.  I strive to live beneath my means, save money, and cut out expenses wherever I can.  The past few years have been very tough on us financially.  We have moved, had a house unsold for nearly a year, two house payments, a big financial loss on our home, loss of a job, etc.  I know not to ask for anything this year because realistically it’s just not going to happen.  Sometimes it’s nice to dream a little though. 

So if money were not an option, I would want:

1.  A vacation – Due to the above mentioned reasons, we have not been on vacation in yearssssss.  I desperately want to go somewhere and have a good time with my husband.

2.  Stand mixer – In the past few years I have been doing more and more cooking from scratch.  A stand mixer would be nice for making breads and such.

3.  Food processor – This year I canned tomatoes and salsa and I cooked and froze pumpkin.  Once again, I am doing more cooking from scratch and a food processor would really help relieve some of the frustration involved.

4.  Panini maker – This one is for my husband.  He has been wanting one.

5.  A new wardrobe – I started staying home with the kids over seven years ago.  I have been adding clearanced pieces here and there but it is very rare that I get new clothes and my wardrobe is looking pitiful.

These are my personal wishes.  Of course, if I were asking for something not for myself I would ask for all of the children in the world to be clothed, fed, and loved.  I would ask that all of the orphans have a home.  No matter how badly our circumstances are we have so much to be thankful for as we are so blessed and rich in the United States.

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

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