December 5, 2010

Save Money with Rainchecks

You see that a store is having a great deal on a particular food item. In your mind you think, ‘It’s stockpile time!’  But you get to the store and they’re out of the item.  Rather than just counting it as a loss, get a raincheck.  

A few tips:

*Consider a raincheck as an I.O.U. from the store which guarantees that item for the sale price.  It is not necessary to use the raincheck during the current sale week.  You can use it weeks and maybe months later.

*Check to see if the raincheck has an expiration date.  Most of them do not have an expiration date which means that you can wait to use them when you need the particular item.

*Use rainchecks as a way build your stockpile.  The general rule is to purchase as much as that item as you will need in the next few months.  For example, if cream of mushroom soup is on sale for $.59/can I might purchase 10 cans.  Cream of mushroom soup has a long shelf date and I know that I will use it when making casseroles.

*Store your rainchecks in a safe location.  I store my rainchecks in my small coupon pouch.  This way I know where they are when I’m doing my grocery shopping and I don’t have to dig through my purse for them.

*Check to see if there is a limit on the sale item.  On really good deals, a store might set a limit on how many of that item you can purchase.  Always have them write the maximum amount allowed on the raincheck even if you don’t plan on purchasing that many.  This allows you to get them if you change your mind or you may have a friend that wants to purchase the deal with you.

*Look for coupons.  Check your newspaper coupon inserts and look online for printable coupons to combine with the sale price for even better savings.

*Give your raincheck to the cashier first.  Before your cashier rings up the items, she should know that you have a raincheck.  This will save time and hassle.  Group all of the raincheck items together so that they can be marked down at the same time.  Also, check your receipt to make sure each item was properly discounted.

*Most rainchecks are not store specific.  This means that if you get a raincheck from a Charlotte, NC store you should be able to use it at the Hickory, NC store.  If you plan to shop in a different area, you may want to check on this first.

When you’re shopping the sales do you remember to get a raincheck?

image (c) Karen Weideman


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