December 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday ~ December 6

I admit, I don’t like planning the meals each week.  When I was working from home I could think more about what I wanted to make each day and plan accordingly.  Now that I’m back to teaching, I need to plan ahead so that I don’t get frustrated when I come home from work.  I’ve been working hard on planning our meals from what we already have in our stockpile and it is working nicely.  I have been able to feed our family dinner for less than $35 each week.

This is a tentative plan of our meals for the week.  They’re always tentative due to scheduling or just finding a great deal on something else. 

Sunday – pork barbeque sandwiches, baked tater tots, fresh apple slices
The barbeque is from leftovers in the freezer.

Monday – hotdogs with chili, beans, maccaroni salad
Food Lion has the Hebrew hotdogs bogo this week and Walmart had cucumbers for $.35 each.  The pasta was free at Food Lion a few weeks ago. I planned something super easy for tonight because of a program we’ll be attending.

Tuesday – oven fried chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, leftover maccaroni salad, rice, biscuits
Food Lion has the chicken breasts on sale this week for $1.79/lb. Green beans were bogo and sweet potatoes were $.28/lb before Thanksgiving.

Wednesday – leftovers

Thursday – tuna croquettes, scalloped potatoes, lima beans
The Bumble Bee tuna pouches were purchase for less than $.40 each with coupons. I will use 2-3 pouches.
This meal plan is from Friday night’s plan last week. The school was having dinner, movie, and babysitting for $5/kid so we went on a date. 🙂

Friday – tacos, beans, homemade Mexican rice, canned salsa
Ground beef is from the freezer, purchased on sale for less than $2/lb. Mexican rice can be made for about $.25.  The canned salsa was made for nearly free this summer.

Saturday – pizza?  Something easy.

What will you be making this week?


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