November 28, 2010

Recipe Ideas for Leftover Turkey

One of the things I hear weeks before Thanksgiving and Christmas are people concerned about the amount of turkey they’ll have left over.  They want to serve their family and guests turkey, but they’re hesitant because of the waste involved.  Rather than letting good food go to waste, try some of these ideas for your left over turkey.

Turkey and gravy – We had this one Friday night.  I simply made some gravy out of cornstarch and chicken boullion and warmed the turkey in the gravy.  I added some leftover sweet potatoes and rolls and made some green beans and mashed potatoes.  The kids enjoyed the meal.

Turkey sandwich – This one is a given, but it is one of my favorites. Some people like their sandwich with mayonnaise and onions.  I like mine with mustard on white bread.

Turkey salad – This is another family favorite.  I chop up some turkey, add some mayo, diced dill pickles, salt, and pepper, and it’s as good as chicken salad.  I also like to make ham salad.

Turkey and rice – Cook rice according to package directions, add desired seasonings.  Throw in some chopped turkey and some vegetables.  You might also like to make a gravy.

Turkey wraps – Add some turkey, cheese, and fresh vegetables to a lettuce slice or tortilla.

Turkey soup – There are many varieties of turkey soup. You could make a cream based soup or a Mexican style soup.  Use your favorite chicken soup recipe using turkey instead of chicken.

Turkey stock – Rather than purchasing chicken stock from the store, make your own and freeze it to use later in soups and stews.

Turkey pot pie – Chop up some turkey, add a bag of frozen vegetables, mix in some gravy, and top with a pie crust or pour on a liquid Bisquick mixture and bake.

Don’t forget to store your turkey properly.

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What are your favorite turkey recipes?



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