October 3, 2010

5 Reasons to Live a Thrifty Lifestyle

I am a thrifty tightwad money saving bargain hunting cheapskate. It’s become second nature to me. In everything I purchase, I am looking for ways to save money.  Many times I don’t even realize I’m doing it and then it eventually becomes obvious to me when I see the things that others are purchasing. I realize that many of us are trying to live a more frugal lifestyle these days. Here are some reasons to save.

No regrets –  Have you ever purchased something and then later are left with buyer’s remorse?  It’s an awful feeling.  Or maybe you have been in a financial hard place and wish you had all the money back that you had frivilously spent. I’ve been there too. If only we could undo our mistakes.  Unfortunately, we can’t have a do-over but we can learn from our errors.

Debt free life –  Saving money allows you to have more money in your wallet.  This enables you to pay cash for your purchases, save for the future, and live a debt free life.  If you have high credit card payments, then you may not have the money to pay cash for every day purchases or you may not have saved for unexpected emergencies, so then you’ll end up charging those things you need.  It all a vicious cycle.

Save for other purchases – By saving money on everything I buy, I am able to put money into my savings account for future purchases.  Last year my husband and I purchased a new mattress set for our bedroom and put a down payment on our house.  This year we purchased a used mini van, upgraded my kitchen appliances to stainless, and purchased an HE washer and dryer.  All of these things were paid for with cash.  Trust me, it’s not because we are rich.  We are everyday people.  We just save money in every way we can, look for the best deals, weigh our options, and pay cash for purchases.

Helping the environment – People that are seeking to save money and live frugally are usually environmental friendly.  They spend less, consume less products, buy used, and try to use the things they already have.

Helping others – By living a thrifty lifestyle, I am able to help others in need.  It may be by giving food and toiletries that I have purchased for really cheap or free with sales and coupons.  It may be by using extra money that we have because we haven’t spent the money on extravagant items or car payments.

Why do you live a thrifty lifestyle?

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