September 23, 2010

Today’s Freezer Cooking: Chicken Stew

Every now and then I like to do some batch cooking.  I try to use things that I have found on sale and with coupons.  This past week, Harris Teeter had chicken fryers on sale for $.57/lb. 

I decided to try the chicken stew after seeing the recipe on Southern Plate this week.  It reminded me of the Brunswick stew the women’s ministry at church would make for their winter fundraiser.  I would purchase extra quarts of the stew and freeze them.  I remember how good they tasted on a cold winter day. 

Tonight I gave the stew a try and it was yummy and filling.  I had a bowl for supper tonight and froze the rest for future lunches and dinners.  I also froze the remaining chicken broth to use for later use.  I feel a lot of satisfaction from batch cooking because I know it is saving our family time and money, plus it’s usually healthier foods.  If we’ve had a long day and I don’t feel like cooking, I know that I can come home and grab something from the freezer.  This avoids expensive and unhealthy meals from the drive-thru.  I made this pot of chicken stew for about $5.   🙂

Do you enjoy batch cooking?  What are your favorite freezer meals?


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