September 12, 2010

Stockpile Opportunity: Bumble Bee Tuna

Food Lion has Bumble Bee cans of tuna 2/$1.00.  It’s a good time to stockpile tuna for the pantry while it’s almost half price. 

I went to Food Lion tonight and purchased 12 cans.  When I was leaving the store, I found a coupon on the sidewalk.  The coupon was for $1.50 off a purchase of chicken, beef, or tuna.  I went back in the store and got three more cans for free.  🙂  I can’t imagine why someone would throw away coupons like that.  Oh well. 

Also, there are three Bumble Bee coupons in today’s Sunday paper.  One of the coupons is good for $1 off two Bumble Bee pouches.  The pouches are only $.65 at Walmart for the 2.5 oz.  After the coupon, the pouches are $.15 each.  That’s a great deal!


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