September 11, 2010

Our Science Experiment with Wisk Stain Spectrum Detergent

A few weeks ago, I shared with you all that Wisk just introduced a new detergent with stain technology.  I’m excited to receive some of the new detergent. 

Wisk asked our family to perform an experiment.  For this experiment, Wisk sent us a grass stain (which is a protein stain), lab coat, beaker, dropper, goggles, and a bottle of Wisk.  My kids were so excited about the experiment and lab coat that we had to take turns with the experiment.  Now my daughter has informed me that she wants to wear the lab coat and be a scientist for Halloween.

This was a simple experiment.  We simply applied some of the Wisk Stain Spectrum Detergent to the grass stain.

Next, we put the stained cloth into a beaker of water and swished it around for a few seconds.

As you can see, within just a few seconds the Wisk took away the grass stain where we put the detergent and then starting eating away at the rest of the stain.

And this has nothing to do with the experiment, but my daughter was giving a weird mad scientist face. I thought it was funny.  🙂

Since Wisk did such a great job, we decided to put the stained cloth back in the water for a few more seconds.  Woweewow!

My daughter has declared Wisk to be the best laundry detergent ever.  She also began to tell me about all of the stains in her clothes that it would remove.  She is our messy one.

Have you tried the new Wisk Stain Spectrum Detergent?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the thoughts and opinions are my own.


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