September 5, 2010

The Suze Orman Protection Portfolio

When I was asked to review the Suze Orman Protection Portfolio, I said “yes”, but to be honest, I had no clue of what I would be getting.  I thought I would be getting Suze’s version of being debt free, saving money, and other financial advice. I was already a fan of Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard, so I was interested in hearing what Suze had to say.

Upon receiving the kit, I popped it open and put the cd into my computer.  Suze was on the computer talking to me, telling me I needed to register this and that.  I admit, at first I was annoyed with it.  I wondered why she couldn’t just give us a dvd of something to listen to like the other financial advisors. 

Thankfully, I stuck with it and registered the information because soon I was stunned.  This kit isn’t just some sort of cd with a bunch of lessons on saving money.  This kit helps you prepare for the future.  Suze literally takes the information you enter and she uses it to tell you the documents that you need.  Not only does she tell you the documents you need, but she helps you create them.  Suze is there with you along the way, guiding you, telling you which documents you need and why.  There is also a lawyer giving legal advice on the importance of the documents.

Within just an hour, I had my information entered and was on my way to preparing and printing a power of attorney and other documents.  I truly was amazed at how well thought out this program is and how it is individualized to meet consumers’ needs. 

The Protection Portfolio comes with:

  • Durable Water-Resistant Case
  • Integrated Organizer which includes expandable file folders and checklist
  • Must Have Documents Program which helps to create a will, revocable trust, power of attorney for health care, and a financial power of attorney
  • Insurance Evaluator which evaluates your family’s insurance and gives advice on protection your family
  • and more!

Overall, I was impressed with this kit.  I haven’t had time to finish entering all of the information and printing my documents, but am happy that I am on my way to getting these things done.  Some of you may be more educated on these kind of documents than myself and you may be able to do this on your own without spending the money.  As for myself, I don’t know much about it and so with ignorance comes procrastination.  The Protection Portfolio is taking the headache out of figuring this out myself.  I am a tight-wad, but for $59.16, I think this is a good buy for what this kit includes.

Disclaimer: I received a Suze Orman Protection Portfolio to review.  This is an honest review of the product.


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