August 28, 2010

Reusable Gifts Bags Might Be a Frugal Choice

One of the newest products in green living are reusable gift bags.  These bags are durable and as you can see from the picture, they are attractive as well.

There are some pros and cons of reusable bags to consider.


  1. The gift bags are reusable.
  2. They come in many attractive designs and colors.
  3. You could use them for other purposes such as a tote bag or lunch bag.

Cons or things to consider:

  1. You can also reuse paper gift bags that others give to you and wouldn’t need to buy any.
  2. Since these bags are new on the market, you probably won’t find them on clearance.  You can find regular paper gift bags on clearance.
  3. Would you hang on to the bag and use it again and again, or would it just become more useless clutter?

I’m not saying that these reusable bags are the wrong choice.  I actually like the idea.  The thing is, I have a whole under-the-bed box full of other paper gift bags so it’s unlikely that I’ll be buying any of the reusable bags soon.  Also, at $2.99 each, I probably wouldn’t purchase them.  Some people may pay $3-5 for a gift bag, but that’s not my kind of thing.  I’m sure there are other places to purchase the bags for a more affordable price.  Who knows, maybe the Dollar Tree will start carrying them soon.

What are your thoughts on the reusable gift bags?

image (c) Karen Weideman


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