August 25, 2010

all Oxi-Active Product Review

A few months ago, I attended a party which introduced the new all Oxi-Active laundry detergent.  During this kid-friendly event, we were invited to decorate cupcakes, play, paint grass stains onto shirts, and more.  We were encouraged to get as dirty as possible. 

After we dirtied up some shirts and painted them with grass stains, the ‘all team treated and washed the clothes with the new all Oxi-Active laundry detergent. 

Laundry scientist Mark Granja shows us that the shirts washed in all Oxi-Active came clean.

Mark also did another laundry experiment with two grass-stained cloths.  He took one of the cloths and added only one capful of the all Oxi-Active.  To the other cloth he added FOUR capfuls of another leading detergent.  He swished them around and as you can see, the all one came clean.

all showed us that we should let kids be kids.  Let them run, play, and get dirty.  We can let ‘all take care of the stains.

I decided to give the all Oxi-Active a try myself. I had a few white shirts that were stained with yellow looking stains. I have no clue what my kids spilled on the shirts. And since I didn’t know about the stains, the shirts were put into the dryer. Here is a picture of one of the shirts before being washed in all Oxi-Active.

I put the Aall Oxi-Active directly on the stains and I used a brush to scrub the stains a bit.  I let the detergent sit on the garment for about 20 minutes before washing. 

As you can see, the all Oxi-Active lightened the stains quite a bit.  They are almost completely gone.  Considering that these were yellow stains, which are almost impossible to remove, and that it was dried in the dryer, I was pretty impressed.  I think that one more stain treatment with the Oxi-Active and these stains will be removed.

Have you tried all Oxi-Active?


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