July 12, 2010

Cleaning Challenge: Clean Your Coffee Maker

You may be wondering why people say you should clean your coffee maker.  Clean water is the only thing that goes into the machine, right?  The problem is, the water causes deposits inside the coffee maker.  The deposits can slow the flow of water inside the machine and they can alter the taste of your coffee.

Cleaning your coffeemaker is easy.  

To clean your coffeemaker, simply brew a pot of vinegar water.  Use equal amounts of each.  I filled up my pot to the 5 cup line with vinegar and then to the 10 cup line with water.  Next, let the vinegar water run halfway through the coffeemaker and then turn off the machine.  Let it sit for a while (may an hour or so, depending on how hard your water is) and then turn the machine back on to finish the cycle.  If you have never cleaned your machine before, then you might want to run the solution through your machine twice.  After the cycle is complete, run a few pots of fresh water through it to get rid of the vinegar smell and taste.

Have you cleaned your coffeemaker lately?

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