July 5, 2010

How to Save Money on Children’s Gifts

As a young child, I watched my mom use many methods to save money.  One of the things I remember her doing was buying items on sale and clearance for gifts.  Whenever she saw something on sale or clearance that someone would like, she would purchase it and put it away for that occasion. 

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday (yes, she’s a 4th of July baby) and she turned seven.  Here’s a picture of the things I got for her. 

And, here’s what I paid:

  • pink shirt with scarf reg $24.99, $4.99 (Purchased at JCPenney last week.)
  • 2 animal shirts reg $14.99, $1.97 (Purchased at JCPenney last week.)
  • butterfly tie-dye shirt $14.99, $4.99 (Rugged Warehouse)
  • 2 Juku dolls reg $10-12 each, FREE (I won these in an online giveaway.)
  • Juku clothes reg $10, $2.50 (Bought this a few months ago at Target.)
  • Holly Hobbie dvd reg $10, $5.99
  • hair kit $2.88, $1.44 (Purchased after Christmas during the after Christmas sale.)
  • OP flip flops $5.99, $1 (Purchased these in the winter.)
  • set of clothes for her stuffed dog $12.99, $3.24 (Found this at Target a few months ago.)

At regular price, these things would have cost about $130, but I only paid $28!  That’s a savings of over $100!  No, I would not dream of paying $130 on my daughter’s birthday presents, but since I shop throughout the year and pick up things on clearance, she is able to get some nice things.

Some of you may say that your child would not go for this.  For us, it’s working so far.  My kids get money from their aunts, grandparents, etc and they can use the money to buy things that they’ve been wanting.  Sometimes other people in the family will specifically ask for something to get them that they want.  My children have been very pleased with the things that I buy for them.  I know that my daughter is a girly girl.  I know anything with fur, rhinestones, etc will be a hit. 

My youngest has a birthday coming up soon.  He is athletic and he likes trucks, cars, dinosaurs, and figurines.  I also have his birthday items ready.  He is getting a soccer goal and two G.I. Joe large figurines that have sound.  There are a few other small things I have for him too.  These are things that I have purchased at 50-75% off. 

This is how I purchase my children’s birthday and Christmas items.  Buying for extended family isn’t as easy.  Many times I give the other children in the family money (which they prefer) and that’s ok too. 

How do you save money on gifts?



3 Responses to “How to Save Money on Children’s Gifts”
  1. 1
    Michelle Gartner
    Twitter: oneofakindwis

    I do this myself too- but I find it only works for my younger children. My older, teenage sons are very particular about certain items they want. Mostly high end video games and lego sets. Those are rarely on sale- sometimes I get them cheaper with an online code or on eBay, but not clearance priced.

    Once in a great while I find new toys at the trift stores, buy them and save them for Christmas or birthdays.

  2. 2
    Kellys says:

    I can’t believe she is 7!!!!!!!!!

    Good shopping as usual.

  3. 3
    The Thrifty Mommy
    Twitter: thriftymommy

    I know. It’s hard to believe she’s 7. And I will always remember her birth day as a day you shared with us. 🙂

    Thanks. Cuddlebug’s birthday is this month too. I’ve got all of his stuff ready.

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