June 23, 2010

Harris Teeter Super Doubles 6/23/10

I went to Harris Teeter for the Super Double coupon sale today.  During this sale, HT doubles coupons with a face value of $1.98 or less. 

I spent $106.20 today and saved $188.17.  I usually try to save 75% when the coupon sale comes around, but as you can see, I also purchased meats and some splurge items.  I really enjoy buying things that I normally wouldn’t buy and getting them really cheap. 

I’ll try to list the things I got today. I hope I can get it all.

Hot Shot wasp spray
Soft Scrub bathroom cleaner
2 boxes Townhouse Flips crackers
2 boxes Pop Tarts
6 cans Furmano’s diced tomatoes
2 bags Krunchers chips
2 Yakisoba Japanese noodle dinners, FREE
Ritz crackerfuls
Ritz wheat crackers, bogo
box of Uncle Ben’s rice
4 boxes Zataran’s rice
Cutter insect repellant spray
Grande multi grain tortilla chips, $.50
Colgate Total toothpaste (large), $1
2 packs Kotex
Johnson baby powder, $.79
Herbal Essence mousse
2 Sure deodorants, 1 free, 1 for $.50
bag of York peppermint pieces candy
2 packs Angus cube steak, bogo
3.85 lbs boneless chicken
1 lb baby carrots
2 multigrain English muffin packs, bogo
Bunny ice cream
2 Hunters sherbert, bogo
box of rainbow popsicles
California pizza
2 Tony’s pizzas
Bestlife butter spread
Athenos feta cheese
Activia yogurt multipack, $.50
2 Yo Plus yogurt multipacks
2 nesquick chocolate milks, FREE
2 Oscar Mayer hotdogs, bogo and $1 coupon
Deli Creations wrap, $.50
Hot Roast Beef lunch meat
HT link sausage, bogo
2 Jimmy Dean sausage rolls
2 large Miracle Whip
Kraft spicy mayo, FREE
4 Temptations cat treat pouches
French’s Honey Mustard, FREE
2 Honey Bunches of Oats cereals, $1 each
1 Tidy Cat cat litter, bogo and used $1 coupon
Large Pina Colada mix, bogo
2 bags Snyder’s pretzels
2 boxes Eggo waffles
Edwards singles desserts, 2 pk
3 pk Rhodes frozen bread dough
Stouffer’s hot sub, $.50
Kahiki egg rolls, bogo and $1 coupon
2 Bagel Bites
1 Red Baron pizza by the slice, 2 pk
2 Philly Steaks meat, bogo
2 can Ortega refried beans, $.25 each
1 Kraft salad dressing, $.79
1 Hidden Valley salad dressing
Lea & Perrins worchestershire sauce
Slim Jims, 16 pk

Ok, I think that’s it. There were a few things on my receipt that I could not figure out.

I’m thrilled that I was able to shop the Harris Teeter coupon sale. It definitely helps out with the food budget. Now I can supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables and a few odd and end items we need.

Will you be shopping the Harris Teeter sale?


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