June 13, 2010

Product Review: Land O’ Frost Deli Shaved Meat

A few months ago, I was at Food Lion and found a great sale on Land O’Frost deli shaved luncheon meat. The luncheon meat was buy 1 get 1 free and also there were $.60 coupons on each pouch. 

Land O’ Frost luncheon meat $2.99
buy 1 get 1 free $1.50 each
$.60 coupon = $.90 each

As you can see, I was really excited about this deal and I bought 8 packs.  I even took a picture so that I could tell you about the deal.  But then . . . I opened the package and here’s what I found.

You can see a close up of the meat in the picture.  I was in a hurry when I bought the meat and I wish I would have read the front:

Smoked – Chopped – Pressed – Cooked

The meat had a funny smell to it like Spam.  How many ways can you say “processed”?  My husband wouldn’t eat the meat.  Unfortunately, I told my aunt about the sale.  She also bought some of it and she said she threw it away.

I bit of info about the product:

Serving Size  10 slices
Calories 80
Total Fat 5 g
Saturated Fat  2g
Trans Fat  0g
Sodium 540 mg
Protein 10g

This is just my opinion of the product. Have you tried the Land O’ Frost deli shaved luncheon meat?



11 Responses to “Product Review: Land O’ Frost Deli Shaved Meat”
  1. 1
    Twitter: revkastearns

    Yeah, I tried it one time when I had a coupon, and I wasn’t impressed, either. We ate it, but it tasted very processed. Yuck!

  2. 2
    Brenda Garris says:

    “…it tasted very processed.” Well that’s a no-brainer. What do you think lunch meat is? P-R-O-C-E-S-S-E-D! You want real ham, buy a ham.

  3. 3
    The Thrifty Mommy
    Twitter: thriftymommy

    I understand that we buy processed foods, but there is a certain standard of quality and taste that is expected. I do not recall ever tasting a luncheon meat that was this bad. Luncheon meats are for convenience. I certainly don’t think it would be appropriate to bake a ham each time I needed a sandwich.

  4. 4
    Kayla Bright says:

    Although I have not tried the Land O’ Frost ham, (I personally don’t like ham), I have bought their oven roasted turkey breast on several occasions and I absolutely love it! It’s cheap, around $3.00 for a pound, and has wonderful flavor. Is it the most healthiest choice available? Probably not, however for picnics and a quick snack, I think it is a great bargain and a superb choice.

  5. 5
    Kevisaurus says:

    I just saw a commercial for their products for the first time ever tonight and I knew I needed to research it since they had two mothers comparing their purchases whereas the so called thrifty mom bought a heck of a lot more meat with this brand than other brands and that sent up a red flag immediately to me. According to all of your testimonials I was right in my assumptions and I most certainly will not purchase this company’s products ever.

  6. 6
    Karvald says:

    My son and I tried their Honey Ham and Smoked Turkey. I found the meats to be disgusting. Funky smelling, oddly colored, and foul tasting. The ham tastes like it’s soaked in cloves. The turkey tastes like bologna. BLECH. BLECH. BLECH.

    Here is what my son had to say:

    Honey Ham: “Tastes like dried fruit.”
    Smoked Turkey: “Tastes like beef stew.”

    Then he asked for something to drink to wash away the taste.

    Interesting note: The package of honey ham says “smoked, chopped, pressed, cooked.” The SMOKED turkey only says “chopped, pressed, cooked.” Hmmm.

    We threw them away and will not be buying anything from their company ever again. Also… Land of Frost? Doesn’t exactly sound like a fertile place to raise livestock, does it?

  7. 7
    Kevin says:

    The meat tastes like the inside of my sneaker and has the same texture, dry salty and rubbery.

    The first day of eating it don’t even think about it, but after the second day and the second sandwich it is all one can do to choke it down, and it doesn’t digest so easily as well.

    Inferior product that leaves a bad taste

  8. 8
    susanm says:

    I agree comment about the cloves. I had noticed the ham had little black specks in it; made me think it had been dropped on the floor and had dirt in it. So Went to the internet to see if there were any recalls. I was ready to throw the meat out before I read the reviews. Picked out all the black stuff out. I made sandwiches with cheese and a marinade. They were very good. Won’t buy this meat again however…

  9. 9
    Ramon DeLong says:

    Have been buying & eating Land O’ Frost lunch meat for years, but now, I’m upset. Bought this 1 1/2 weeks ago. Expiration Date June 03 16, Lot # 6048B. Was making a sandwich & it’s turning “Green”. What gives? Been refrigerated, just opened 3 days ago. Disappointed to say the least. Wish I could send a picture….

  10. 10
    Jaron says:

    Land o frost is horrible the past three times I have found a bone in the turkey meat

  11. 11
    L gee says:

    Disgusting! Smells bad, tastes bad. Can’t believe this is actually ham. It had to be awful for me to take the time to write about it. Don’t recall ever doing such before. Sooo disappointing.

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