April 30, 2010

CVS Deals 4/30/10

Over the weekend, my son wanted to buy Avatar with his birthday money. We picked up a copy at Walmart for $15 and then Sunday, I saw that CVS had a deal on the movie.  The deal was you could get Avatar for $5 when you purchased $25 in products listed in the flyer. 

I purchased the $25 in products and then combined all of my coupons. I ended up with 1 All laundry detergent, 8 boxes of cereal, 2 small packages of Fig Newtons, and the Avatar movie for only $18.71!

I used a $4 CVS email coupon, $2 All coupon, 2- $1 printable Fig Newton coupons (made these free), and several GM cereal coupons.  For just a few dollars more I was able to get all of the food and detergent. What a deal!  Now we get to take our unopened Avatar dvd back to Walmart fora refund. 

*Be sure to check the dates on the cereal or any food products from CVS.  I just noticed that two boxes of cereal are out of date. A few weeks ago I also purchased another expired item. I will take these boxes back to exchange next week.

Did you find any deals at CVS this week?


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