April 21, 2010

Wordy Wednesday: My Favorite Sign

I know that this is supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday, but who can just post a picture and leave it at that? I know I can’t.   😉

The 75% off clearance sign at Target is one of my favorite signs.  When I see it, I get a bit happy inside. It’s hard to describe how it makes me feel.  When I see it, I am suddenly expecting a wonderful deal. I am willing to search through racks of clothing for the children’s sizes I need.

I don’t get to visit Target as often as I used to (due to location), but I still enjoy that sign.

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Image (c) Karen Weideman.



4 Responses to “Wordy Wednesday: My Favorite Sign”
  1. 1
    wendiwinn says:

    75% off? word.

  2. 2
    Twitter: sisterlysavings

    Hi Karen!

    Just wanted to stop by and say it was nice to meet you at the All event! Hope we can stay in touch and become bloggy friends:)

  3. 3
    The Thrifty Mommy
    Twitter: thriftymommy

    Hi Jennifer. Thanks for dropping by. I told Revka I met you. 🙂

  4. 4
    Twitter: eveleon

    Yes that sign makes my heart beat faster, and has me reaching for the keys…………

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