April 13, 2010

This Week’s CVS Deals 4/13/10

I went into CVS yesterday and I had no list of things to purchase, no coupons to match up with sales. My main purpose for going was to see what kind of coupons I could get.  Have you seen their in-store coupon printer machine?  You simply go into the store, swipe your CVS card, and it prints off coupons for you. 

When I went in yesterday, it printed off

  • $1 Extra Care Buck (ECB)
  • $3 off a $10 of health care products
  • $5 off any two Almay color cosmetics

(This week, the Almay cosmetics are buy one get 1 50% off. I have a coupon at home for $2 off Almay, so I have to save this $5 CVS coupon to go along with my $2 coupon.  The Almay products typically run about $7-8 dollars each. So with the sale and coupons I should be able to get my two products for about $5!  Also, I received an email with a coupon for $5 off a $20 cosmetic purchase.  I’m trying to decide if I should use this one too.  With all of the combined coupons, I should be able to get a lot of make-up for a lot price.)

Hubby told me this week that he would be needing some allergy medicine this week so I have been on the look out for a sale.  It was a great opportunity to take advantage of the $3 CVS coupon.

Transaction 1:

Knee high panty hose, reg $4.69, 75% off for $1.17
Claritin 24 hr 10 count, reg $10.69, $9.99 sale
-used $2 in-store manufacturer’s coupon, $3 CVS coupon, receive $2 ECBs back = $2.99
Oral B kids’ toothbrush, reg $3.49, 75% off for $.87

I also used the $1 ECB that was printed. My out of pocket (OOP) expense was $6.03 plus I received $2 in ECBs from the Claritin that I will use for my make up later this week.

*The Oral B toothbrush was a filler item since I needed to purchase $10 in health care products and the Claritin was $9.99. I made sure to give the cashier my $3 health care coupon first before the ECB or manufacturer coupon.

After this transaction, I decided to see if the CVS coupon machine would print any other coupons. I received two coupons:

  • $1 CVS paper purchase
  • $1 off CVS skin care item

Transaction 2:

2 rolls of CVS 1000 ct toilet paper, reg $1.15 each, $.50 sale
-used $1 CVS coupon = FREE

I went back again today to scan my card to see if it would print off another $1 paper coupon and sure enough, it did! I got two more rolls of toilet paper for free! Tonight I need to work on clipping and organizing coupons. Hopefully, I can find a few Almay coupons so that I can go back tomorrow to get the make-up before my coupons expire.

Transaction 3:

Same as Transaction 2.

So far, this week I’ve received $23.47 of merchandise and have spent $6.03. I also have $2 in ECBs for my next purchase.

Have you been to CVS this week?


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