March 28, 2010

Printable Coupons for 3/28/10

Harris Teeter is having their triple coupon sale this week. I know some of you don’t get the Sunday paper, so these are some coupons you can print and use to save money. Even if you don’t shop at Harris Teeter, you may be interested in some of these coupons. Sometimes after printing you can hit the back button and print more than one of each coupon.


1.  Harris Teeter will triple 20 coupons per day for each VIC card you have.
2.  They will triple coupons with a face value of $.99 or less.
3. There may be limits on the amount of coupons you can use for the same item. I’ve heard at some stores it is two coupons per item and at other stores it is three.
4. The triple coupon sale ends Tuesday, March 30, 2010.

Coffee Mate creamer $.75 printable
The smaller container would be free, the larger container would be less than $1.

Heinz vinegar $.50 coupon (I think this is also bogo at HT.)

Meow Mix $.75 printable

Colgate coupons:
$.75 off Colgate Total toothpaste
Colgate 360 actiflex toothbrush
Colgate Maxwhite toothpaste
Lady Speed stick stainguard deodorant
Softsoap Nutri-Serums body wash

SmartSource coupons:
$.50 off Cottonelle flushable wipes
$.50 off 2 Land O Lakes butter
$.50 off Cottonelle
$.50 off Land O Lakes spreadable butter
$.35 off Bob Evans sausage
$.75 off Wheaties Fuel cereal
$.50 off Betty Crocker Warm Delights (With the coupon these will be about $1-$1.50)
$.40 off Betty Crocker cookie mix (Should be about $1-1.20.)
$.55 off chocolate Cheerios
$.40 Fiber One chewy bars
$.75 off two Pillsbury frozen biscuits
$.80 off 2 Yoplait Gogurt or Trix yogurt
$.30 off 2 Pillsbury Grands biscuits
$.40 off 2 Pillsbury dinner rolls, pizza crust, breadsticks, breads
$.75 off 2 Pillsbury holiday cookies
$.50 off 2 Betty Crocker fruit snacks
$.55 off Reese’s Puffs cereal
$.55 off 2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel pastries
$.40 off 2 Pillsbury sweet rolls
$.75 off Fiber One cereal
$.75 off Butter Ball ground turkey
$.40 off Nutra Taste Gold
$.55 Sargento Cheese Snacks
$.75 Sargento reduced sodium cheese
$.55 Hillshire Farm luncheon meat
$.75 Jell-O
$.75 Nature’s Own bread
$.50 off 2 Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls
$.30 off 2 Pillsbury biscuits
$.40 off Yoplait
$.40 off Betty Crocker cookie mix
$.55 Bridgford frozen rolls or bread
$.50 Lifesavers
$.55 Burleson’s Pure Honey
$.80 off 2 Yoplait
$.75 off 2 Pillsbury
$.55 Yoplait
$.50 Chex
$.40 off Fiber One chewy bars
$.50 Betty Crocker Warm Delights
$.55 Pillsbury Toaster Strudels
$.75 off Meow Mix
$.40 off 2 Pillsbury sweet rolls
$.75 Wheaties Fuel cereal
$.55 Fiber One pastries
$.75 House-Autry Mills mix
$.50 Diamond Crystal sea salt (I think this is bogo at HT, so it should be free.)
$.50 Tetley tea

Do you have any printable coupons to share?


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