March 17, 2010

Harris Teeter e-VIC Benefits

If you shop at Harris Teeter, you should register your VIC card for e-VIC specials.  You can’t sign up for this service in the stores, you must do this online at the Harris Teeter website.

When you sign up for the e-VIC benefits you will receive an email with weekly e-VIC specials for items that you regularly purchase.  Some weekly e-VIC specials are available to all e-VIC members.

This week, some e-VIC members can receive the following specials:

  • 6 oz light or regular Dannon yogurt for $.30, limit 10 (available in limited areas)
  • 18 count Harris Teeter eggs $1.57

Here are some of the specials I received:

  • 20 lb bag of Purina Dog Chow for $6.99, limit 1
  • 1 gallon Harris Teeter milk $2.27, limit 1
  • $1.50 off 59 oz Tropicana OJ, limit 1
  • 64 oz Gatorade for $1.47, limit 1

Honestly, I’m not sure why some of these specials were offered to me. I don’t recall purchasing Gatorade and I don’t have a dog. I have purchased Vitamin water and SmartWater (because they were free with coupons) so similar purchases probably trigger e-VIC specials.

Are you an e-VIC member?


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